Self Care Food is putting together the meals and snacks that help you optimize your body, mind, and soul.

Finding what work FOR you is THE key to Health, Wellness & Happiness.

We all have strengths and weaknesses, including which foods our body can process and use to rejuvenate our cells.

Finding out which work best for us is the only way we can care for our cells. And our cells are the very thing we are dependent on for our health!

Our vibrant, well-nourished cells will make up our healthy tissues that make up our organs that make up our systems that we depend on!

Here you’ll find Tips, Tools, and Information about foods to help build the optimal choices that work for you.

The bottom line is finding the Yummy meals and snacks that work for YOUR body = Self Care!

You may be surprised how Simple swaps and small additions can help optimize your meals & fulfill your body, mind, & soul.

Finding what works FOR you is the key!

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