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Your home is Essential to YOUR health. Your home is also essential to the health of your family.

In the Post Category: Your Home we focus on SIMPLE ideas for self care SWAP-outs that create a healthier home.

First, we swap out everyday toxic items with non-toxic options to create a healthier home. As a result, our body is less burdened. Subsequently, a healthier home results in a healthier us.

For example when we swap out our detergent, our cleaning products, room fresheners, toiletries.

As a result each time you make a swap Your Home becomes more and more supportive of YOUR health and wellness as well as the health of your family.

I share with you ideas for self care swaps over to products that are less toxic.  As you slowly swap toxic products to non-toxic products the health of your home improves.

When I think back to how unaware I was of all the toxins I was bringing into my home to clean it I’m still baffled. Once I knew the importance of having a healthier home on the wellness and health of myself and my family I sought out non-toxic versions.

And that’s what I share with you.  Over the decades, yes decades… I’ve weeded out a ton as well as found simpler and safer ways to attain the clean with non-toxic options. I look forward to sharing them you.

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A healthier home is a great place to start creating your Simple Self Care Lifestyle-

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