Practitioner: Inter-session Client

Practitioner Sessions: Info and Payment Document

To Process Payment: Choose and click on either the 1 or 2 pay button.

Office Information


On each of the dates, mo is available to you on your personal ZOOM link. (I will set up your personal ZOOM link once your account is paid)

 Notes about the Session Dates

  • The session dates are set aside and are pre-reserved for YOU. 
  • You may not use all of them in person, but they are always reserved for you. mo will go through updates you send via email if you can not make the call.

The pre-reserved sessions provide the ability for:

  • you to update mo on how things are going and 
  • for mo to share questions she has along with any next steps, etc.

On dates you cannot make it on ZOOM in person, please let me (Ali) know as far in advance as possible. This way, I can prepare your folder for mo to review during that time.

RE: Ongoing Pre-reserved dates

The dates set aside for you are ongoing dates.

mo keeps session slots reserved on an ongoing basis until THE practitioner (client in your case) decides they are all set to discontinue. 

This way, you are never closed out of meeting with mo until you are done. It is in your hands.

When you are ready to stop meeting with mo, the session dates will then move over to the next practitioner on the waitlist.


After you pay you will be directed to a form for you to provide your best email. I will be setting you up in the system so that ANYTHING that comes from you is filtered and redirected to your (encrypted) email folder. 

This way, you can send all the emails you’d like, and mo will see all of them when she sits down at the designated prep time in her calendar for your research and program development.’

It is important for me (Ali) to have:

EVERY and ANY email address you want to use to email mo. Please send a separate email to me (Ali) if you will be using more than 1 email.

The reason for this is that the email is ONLY for practitioners/clients, and only email addresses you give me and I place into the system will shuttle into your folder. 

All emails received from addresses NOT set up in the system will go to spam. 

A bit more on emails. 

mo attends to emails on Thursdays. If you have something urgent, please send your email before Wednesday before 5 pm EST.  

I prep and place urgent emails in mo’s queue for review on Thursday. 

She will walk through this with you at your first session.

Payment Information

Credit card: 1 pay/per year or 2 pay/per year. Both are auto-pay.

If you choose 2 payments:

  • Your ongoing 2x yearly autopay for $ 1,200.00 will be processed today
  • Then 6 months from today. And repeat each year.

If you choose One Pay:

  • Your one lump sum payment of $2,400.00 will be due yearly on today’s date.

That’s everything for now!

If you are feeling comfortable with the dates, email system, and payment information, then your 

Next 2 steps:

1- Process Payment: Note the Checkout page has a photo of mo and the name of her website: The Simple Self Care Lifestyle.

2- Please fill out the email form that automatically follows payment.

That’s it! Have a fabulous day!


cc: mo