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The top three reasons we’re not feeling MOTIVATED

Any of these sound familiar?


Feeling overwhelmed by multiple demands, life changes, no daily rhythm/routine. The sense that you have a lack of security.

These feelings can plummet motivation.

disappointing results

Having a list of goals, even clearly stated goals, that repeatedly lead to disappointing results.

Over time, these disappointments can go from temporary frustration to de-motivation.

Ruining a good Streak

When you have a good streak going & then engage in the unhealthy habit you’re trying to kick, you throw in the towel.

Negative self-talk like “I’ve ruined things” derails your motivation.

What if you could…

  • Build your motivation and
  • Boost your brain’s resilience

So, despite everyday challenges, you are MOTIVATED and better able to include the SIMPLE Self Care you deserve into your daily life.

And what if you could do…

  • both in a mere 2 Seconds
  • for FREE!!!

You can with the MO-TIVATOR APP.

The Simple Self Care Lifestyle


A Simple Self Care Tool I had made for you. The MO-TIVATOR leverages the way our brain is set up to work when it comes to motivation.

Here’s what the MO-TIVATOR looks like:

And this is how the MO-TIVATOR works.

  • Each time you make a SIMPLE Self Care Micro-decision, you congratulate yourself with a positive thought like–Good job!… This positive INTRINSIC message is encouraging to your brain.
  • Then, click the + (PLUS) sign on the MO-TIVATOR APP. As your brain sees the number go up, it receives a second positive message—an EXTRINSIC message reinforcing the first!
  • Research shows building motivation can be as straightforward as repeatedly coupling your positive intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.


The MO-TIVATOR APP gives your brain instant gratification, BUILDING YOUR MOTIVATION.


Got you covered!

I provide multiple links and even two options you can use right on the app: a one-minute and three-minute audio to help you catch a moment of calm in your hectic day or right before bed. No Wi-Fi is needed.

Then, links to The Simple Self Care Lifestyle site are placed on each app page. They take you to the website, where each post provides you with another SIMPLE SELF CARE Tip, Tool, Product, or Program. ANY that resonates with you is a winner!

First of all, the MO-TIVATOR APP can be used for ANY positive action toward ANY goal you’d like to achieve, so there are no parameters.

What I would say, though, is that most people don’t know to COUNT the things they DON’T do. So, an example I’d give my clients wanting to stay motivated to quit smoking or sugar.

Each time the thought arises, Oh, I want that ‘thing’ and you make the Micro Decision not to have it. That’s a plus! Be sure to count it.

If three minutes later you have that same urge and you again make the Micro-Decision not to have it, hit that + PLUS. It counts.

It counts if you do that same dialog 100 times in a row. Even if 101 decision was to have that ‘thing’ all the previous good Self Care Micro-decisions to ‘NOT have the thing‘ COUNT.

It is all about adding positive experiences of Self Care to your Brain. Over a long period of time, you’ll continue to build MOTIVATION toward Self Care and away from self-sabotage.

I totally get that, which is why there are great jump-starters I call Simple Self Care Swaps. They do not need you to add any extra time. They are simply products you can swap out of your home or that you use on your body one time, and each and every time you use the ‘safer’ for your body product, you hit that PLUS + sign.

It is the same with the guided relaxation used while falling asleep and the sleep music that is supportive of your Nervous system.

No extra time is needed. Yet you are actively providing your body with Simple Self Care as you SLEEP! It really can be that simple! AND effective!!!

There’s more you’ll find as you explore the website. (LINKS right on the APP for easy access.)

YUP! Share with everyone you know. Share Micro-decisions with each other, too! Maybe even get a little Self Care competition going. Also, if you have children, be sure to share with them! Family! Friends!…The more, the merrier. It is a totally FREE SIMPLE Self Care Tool I’ve made for you.

MOTIVATOR name was taken, as were a lot of other combinations of words that go with MOTIVATION like: Get Motivated. MOTIVATION… we tried to obtain multiple. At one point, I suggested adding a hyphen between the MO and the TIVATION since I go by mo. It came back as not taken! So that’s how the MO-TIVATOR APP was named.

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