Pain-Free Pregnancy

The Prenatal Exercise System helps you stay pain-free in just minutes each day. Keeping you comfortable through each stage of your pregnancy while simultaneously preparing you for labor/delivery and recovery.

Your Body is Changing!

that’s a good thing!

Each Trimester is a milestone for you and your baby. Knowing how to exercise in a way that works with your body throughout each stage is the KEY to a Pain-Free Pregnancy.

Pregnancy isn’t destined to be painful. We were built to carry babies.

Having the information about how your body is changing, along with the exact Exercises, Tips/Tools that’ll support your body and keep your baby safe is all you need. It’s truly that Simple.


The Typical Aches/Pains


Neck Pain. Upper/Mid/Lower Back Pain. Tingling/Numbness in the Upper arms and hands. Pubic symphysis pain.


Heavy Veins, Varicose Veins, Swelling of the Legs, Arms, and Feet. Pain in the Vulva.


Breathlessness, Fatigue, Worry. Sleeplessness, Slow Bowel Movements even Constipation.

While we:


The muscles most taxed by pregnancy


Upper/Mid/Lower Back Muscles. Oblique, Transverse Abdominal Muscles.


Rectus Abdominis Muscles (That run up and down). Intercostal Muscles, Psoas, Quads, and Hamstrings.


The Diaphragm Muscle in conjunction with the Pelvic Floor Muscles to protect your Pelvic Floor. Strengthening your Vagal Tone as well.


Neck & Shoulder Muscles. Rhomboids, Quadratus Lumborum, Gluts, Ab/ Adductors. Calves…


Venous System, including those in the Vulva region. Circulation and Lymph Movement.Feet, Hands…

Prepare/Build Confidence

You’ve trained for this!

You’ll get to know your body inside and out. This builds confidence. The same training that keeps you comfortable now also prepares the key muscles you’ll use during labor and delivery.

You’ll learn to tune into what feels best to you– you’ll KNOW the right adaptations to the positions, movements, and breathing. And you’ll be ready when it’s time to use it all!

Your Muscle Strength, Positions, Exercises, and Breathing Techniques will be helping you navigate each of your labor and delivery Stages PLUS Postnatal Phase 3, too!

This course gave me the tools to be comfortable & confident.

I could hear mo throughout my labor. “This is how the body is set up to work, Cheryl. You know what works for you.” and I did!

My dedication to the daily exercises paid off throughout my pregnancy, during delivery, and postnatally, just like mo said. (Now 4 times over)

C.C. Browne- Quote when she was a new Mom – now a mom of 4!

Fear is mostly rooted in the unknown.

We get rid of that!

Your Body is amazing! Here’s what is going on.

What is going on in my body? Why am I having this pain and that sensation? What exercises are safe for my baby? Which ones will help me protect my body? Which will help me get my body back? What can I do to be ready for labor and delivery?

We uncover all that and more! The Exercises, Breathing Techniques, Tips, and Tools, together with the Know-How and Focused Actions that’ll keep you comfortable through each stage your amazing body goes through.


Pain-Free Pregnancy

“Not just some Prenatal exercises you can do….these Prenatal exercises DO something (actually a lot of things) for YOU (and baby too!)

Want more details? I’m all about details!

Here’s what we cover together…

Welcome And Intro!

Introducing the KEY to a Pain-Free Pregnancy

I’ll introduce you to the Prenatal Exercise System that has kept generations of moms comfortable throughout pregnancy as well as confident during labor/delivery and getting their bodies back.

Module one

Training The Muscle That Matters Most

There is ONE muscle that matters most to your ability to stay Pain-Free throughout Pregnancy. You will have everything you need by the end of Module 1 to Begin Training this Muscle.

Module Two

Exercising Muscles Most Taxed by Pregnancy

We layer exercises onto the Module 1 exercise. By systematically advancing your training, you create and build on a stable foundation.

This keeps you and your baby safe while making the absolute best use of your training time.

It’s why you get results exercising minutes per day.

Module three

Advancing Your Exercises Protecting Your Body & Baby!

By the end of today’s Module, you will have been introduced to and practiced The Prenatal System in its entirety. Each Week from here on out, you will get better and better at it!

Module four

Work with Your Body through each Trimester

Transition comfortably with Your Body through each Trimester.

You’ve come so far, baby! You’re ready to advance and adapt each exercise. This Module gives you the know-how to comfortably advance exercises that’ll be a big part of helping you transition with your body through each stage of Pregnancy.

Module five

1 More Key Exercise + Tips to Stay Pain-Free

Your Baby isn’t a perfectly shaped sphere. NOPE, your little one is getting lanky and is growing fast! Shifting around, challenging your entire body!

In this Module, we add ONE more exercise. It helps you get comfortable on a day-to-day basis, especially in the last trimester.

It is one you’ll use lifelong. Plus, we’ll cover some more Tips to use throughout the day.

Module six

Labor, Delivery, & More Tips. This time focused on Easing Common Postnatal Discomforts

We walk through the stages of delivery. How to use the Positions, Movements, & Breathing in each.

Psssst! You’ll come back to where you left off in Postnatal Phase 3. YUP! The Prenatal Exercise System will serve you lifelong, beginning with Postnatal Phase 3.

Wrapping up with some additional videos of The Simple Self Care Lifestyle Tips moms suggested I put in because they found them to be so valuable when it comes to easing Post-Delivery Discomforts.

Here’s a Peek of the Module/Lesson Set Up

The 6 Modules have Lessons Where I Break Down EVERYTHING exactly how I would teach it if you were with me one-on-one

The prenatal Exercise system REALLY WORKS!

A few moms share

A Couple of Pain Free Pregnancy Bonuses

I’ve woven 3 Bonuses into the Pain-Free Pregnancy PLUS a Temporary EXTRA Bonus

  • BONUS 1 A Saturday pop-up workshop, I used to offer titled: 5 Simple Self Care Tips to Use Throughout the Day. Today’s Tip is an example of a tip. (Value $129.00) I’ve included them.
  • BONUS 2 At the mom’s encouragement, I included the lunchtime presentation: 3 Postnatal Tips Moms Should Know BEFORE Delivering because they are extremely helpful when it comes to knowing how to help ease some post-delivery discomforts. (Protecting Your Pelvic Floor for Bowel Movements, Reducing Discomfort of Pelvic Floor, to name 2) ($69.00)
  • BONUS 3 Lastly, again because Moms expressed the value I included the weekend workshop that adds: 1 Additional KEY exercise to the Prenatal System. Giving you more day-to-day control over your discomforts in the last trimester. ($199.00)
  • This EXTRA Bonus stands alone and is temporary, but if you are a mom signing up now I have included it. This EXTRA BONUS is providing you a way to personally connect. I have arranged and am paying for 2 services to make it convenient for you. Providing the services and personal attention brings the value up greatly in price but I am willing to offer this EXTRA BONUS for a window of time. (Value $660.00/per connection)

Pain-Free Pregnancy

Not just some Prenatal Exercises you CAN do….these Prenatal Exercises DO something (actually a lot of things) for YOU (and baby too!)


One-time Payment

Time left to have Connect with mo BONUS included.

Looking forward to sharing with you! -mo


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