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I’m excited to share with you how

Training 3 Muscle Groups in Just Minutes Each Day Can Help You Be Comfortable Throughout Your Pregnancy! Here’s what we’ll cover in the webinar:

Muscle Group One

When trained first this Muscle Group is the KEY to strong ABS plus it determines how well the other 2 Muscle Groups work. I will share WHY training Muscle Group 1 in a way and order makes for an AMAZING AB workout that is safe for you and your baby!

Muscle Group Two

Then I layer on how Muscle Group 2 gives you the most control over your comfort as your body goes through changes to accommodate your growing baby! This group is the KEY to your comfort. It helps to prevent/alleviate pinching nerves. Tingling, numbness, or pain in the shoulders, neck, arms, back. Plus reduced swelling, varicose veins.

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Muscle Group Three

Pulling it all together I share with you how Group 3 helps you Advance the Group 1 and Group 2 Muscles and is the KEY to you being a fitter, firmer, and stronger YOU (Yes! during pregnancy!) Which is fabulously helpful during Labor and Delivery!

And before we wrap up, I’ll debunk the biggest fallacy about the best way to work out AB Muscles!

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If we haven’t met yet my name is mo. I’d love to share with you my decades of experience working with Prenatal and Postnatal moms!

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Train these 3 Muscle Groups for a Pain Free Pregnancy in just minutes each day!

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