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Strengthen Your Core

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Exercise 1 Videos

Ex 1: 2-1/2 Min Routine

Ex 1: 5 1/2 min Routine

Ex 1: 15 Min Daily Routine

Exercise 2 Videos

Ex 2 Instruction Lower 3 of Ab Exercise

❣️It is of utmost importance to KEEP your Back Flat on the floor. The position IS the exercise. Moving the legs is ADVANCING the exercise. Please FOCUS first on mastering the ability to keep your entire back flat. 😌 REMINDER Use The Wrap (Found in How to Check for Separation Video: Minute: 04:45 located below. Also Post: AB Separation: What is it, Who Gets it, How to Check for it.

Ex 2: 2 minute Exercise Routine

Working on closing an Ab Separation?

Here is the AB Check Video Instructions and AB Separation Tracking Sheet


The Wrap Minute: 04:45

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How to Check for Ab Separation

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