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And I know this seems backwards

– since we always pay before we receive our items –

but as I mentioned on the top of the Programs page, I’m doing things different.

Removing Hurdles to Self Care including Monetary ones. Words, Gold Hands heart floating just abouve with a sun in middle

“Everyone, absolutely everyone, should have access to programs that help them, or their family take better care of themselves.” mo

There were many years I had no extra– not even for a program that I KNEW would have helped me.

I understand many of us want to use programs to improve the self care we provide our body but cannot financially swing one more cost.


I do not want that hurdle to be impeding anyone.


My hope is there is enough of us that can and will contribute.

This way those who –at the moment cannot– do not have to delay participating in a program they feel will help their body, their goals, their family.

I do not know:

  • who can meet what price point

so I have decided to have no price point.

Have a little? Give a little. Pocket change will add up if we all chip in.

Have more to spare. Support how and what you can.

  • One time or
  • Recurring contributions.

Everything will be used to continue to develop programs that are accessible to everyone.

You can choose your amount & your button below.

And thank you.

“mo, my doctor is thrilled. My BP is down, my sugar is down, my weight is down. I have done more for my body with less effort. You kept reminding me ONE single Focus at a time, …when I stopped trying to rush through multiple steps at once guess what happened? It all slowly shifted everything. Thank you for your patience, for responding and always signing off with “you’ve got this! I do. I’ve got this!!! thanks to you. ♥️♥️♥️  
Mauve, .

HPA Axis is Amazing!!!

I have been battling migraines and high blood pressure for years! Staying off medication and working on my weight changing my eating is always the plan that never panned outUNTIL this YEAR!. Here’s my story: Each year my Primary Care Provider has prescribed medication for my migraines and offers prescriptions for my blood pressure and each year I decline and am determined to get both under control without prescriptions.  
This year on the way to my appointment I decided that I’d accept the prescriptions if my BP was still climbing since It had been climbing for several years. I had no reason to believe my BP would be any different than all the other years (since it’s silent) and my weight and stress were still the same if not MORE. The ONLY thing I started doing the past 6 months was incorporating the HPA Axis Micro Decisions plus the Background music mo provided playing in my ear at the office. 
Well, this appointment was the first in many, many that my PCP was impressed with meMy BP is come down! Of all years for it to begin to reduce!?! In this year of all years, 2020 pandemic and working in healthcare! She asked me what I was doing differently and I said “ resetting my HPA Axis!!!” She asked me to share a bit more and wants to send more to Simplify Self Care. I am looking forward to continuing with Micro-Decisions this year and coming back to this page with more wonderful results. Thanks mo!!!!
Sarah T, .
“After knee surgery, came pain in my back out of nowhere. Pain that wouldn’t budge. The exercise you suggested was so ridiculously simple that I wrote back and said –COME ON…. With your encouragement, I did it in bed and ya know what??? The position and deep breath opened up my back. In a matter of days, I was back to focusing on my knee recovery. So crazy yet cool what we can do to help our body when we know what to do and why. Gotta say I’m the one you always talk about when you say don’t let something so SIMPLE lull you into thinking I’ll wait for the hard stuff…. Sending this in for the skeptics like me. I’m heading back to sign up for Sunday emails Week 1 cause obviously I will benefit by layering on all the SIMPLE Focused Actions I blew over this year. Thanks….”
Bud S, .
“Guilt was my main reason for pushing self care to the side you made it so simple so accessible you are right the only question I asked myself each day when I felt resistance was Michelle do you WANT to? It got me going the first months and ya know the whole put your oxygen mask on first so you can help others well it is true. My family has benefitted tremendously FROM MY CHANGES. NOW the guilt trip is in reverse…do you want to let the family down by skipping self-care? HA! You’re a genius.* “
Michelle R, .
“This felt so slow in the beginning. By the 2nd layering of Actions, I was like Whoa! So much gain for such a small concentrated amount of time. My pants fit differently, my shoulder tension is gone, and my appetite is shifting. All the exponential benefits you spoke of are unfolding right before my eyes. This is the simplest process It is unbelievable. Thank you for sending us the first education tool free so I could be convinced it would REALLY be Simple. 
Your Micro Decisions and guidance have changed my life.”
Cally , .
“I’m on the 3 Muscle Groups section and all I can say is my back has NEVER felt so good and JUST LIKE YOU SAID on day 1 it’s the layering I could have NEVER done the 3rd muscle group exercises had I not loosened up and strengthened the other muscles. I’m sure you hear it all the time but boy oh boy your SIMPLE Focused Actions have changed my life. Thank YOU 🥰!
Aimee, .

❤ You made such a difference in my life and in such a short period of time. If you only knew how grateful I am for you.

Thank you for everything❤
R.S., .
My Back pain. Gone. 35 years daily pain G-O-N-E I’ve done everything under the sun and it was the Step 1 tool and Step 2 that created a pain free existence for me. YUP less than a total of 10 minutes together and I have benefits throughout my body. Why they don’t teach us this in school is beyond me,” 
John Z , .
“Just have to say I was amazed that I slept 6 straight hours last night. Thank you!  I haven’t had 6 straight hours of sleep in years. 
Marilyn O, .
“Can’t explain ( I hope that’s the right English) How the 90 day mark was true. Things are not feeling as hard. I believe I can do this and am happy for adding what’s next mo 
Salva, .
“Things were slow, so slow and I kept quitting the simple breathing. This time I would not let myself off the hook. I was either going to prove you wrong or it would work–I would enjoy either 🤣. It’s day 78 and I am noticing I am not as anxious. I will email again at day 90! 
Anthony, .

Here’s what one astonished user of the Simplify Self Care Process had to say at her 90-day mark. So far she has incorporated 5- yup ONLY 5 – daily Micro Decisions!

I am a 52 year old female, that works in the healthcare field and stress is at an all time high

I started the SimplifySelfCare Achieve Your Goal Process slowly layering on Micro Decisions and I can’t believe it has been 90 days already.

That says something when you aren’t begrudgingly counting how long you’ve been doing something.

So…doing my head to toe analysis from when i received my first Simplify Self Care email up to today is 90 days and it is mind blowing to have such amazing results so i wanted to share them.

Especially, since i have never felt the feeling that I am killing myself or giving anything and everything up!  


The goal I had when I signed up was to finally figure out how I could lose weight in a way that was healthy.  Good thing I did the Head to Toe scan! I highly recommend doing it like mo suggests…here’s what happened:

My BEFORE Micro Decisions list and then my 90 day RESULTS

BEFORE Starting I made my Head to TOE list of my body.

Here’s what I was living with before using my first MD (Micro Decision) 90 days ago :  

Headache or migraines weekly

Daily neck pain 

Knee pain, all dayevery day several meniscus tears / severe cartilage damage                                          

Was awaiting surgery, unable to walk at end of workday                                                    

Unable to inhale deeply and hold my breath to Perform 4-7-8 breathing                                                                                     

Sleep – Unable to fall asleep sometimes until 2-3 AM.             

Wake hourly with knee pain,

Mornings: Woke up tired, tight, and in pain head to toe.

Stress: always felt heightened emotions, exhaustedeasily triggered!                                  

Today exactly 90 days and layering on 5 Daily Micro Decisions-             

can’t recall the last headache!

No neck pain, occasionally tight tension after work, but NO Pain

Knee pain is reduced!!!!, mainly flares up at the end of the day                              

No immediate plans for surgery, walking my dog after work 3-5 days a week

Breathing, I can inhale deeply. I can actually feel when I am pushing my scalene muscles w/ exhalation                            

Sleep: Best sleep in years!!!!!  Fall asleep easily, sleep through the nightwake relaxed rested and not in pain! 

Stress: the overall sense of calmness, rested able to handle daily stressors waaaay better. It surprises me how calm I react to things I would have been irate about before! It’s CRAZY!

AND already lost a few pounds And that’s just during this setup phase! 

This is 100% straightforward. I KNOW exactly what to do and when.

This means it’s never felt overwhelming–like so many other programs I have tried.  It’s 100 possible to do in the busiest of lives.  I can’t wait to start my Next Level up!

The first 90-day results way OVER exceeded my expectations and have been such a surprise that one will have to experience it to believe how it WORKS!!! 

Healthcare Worker, .
“I said it would never happen again I’m not taking good care of my self. I’m once again PUSHING through as my life changes around me.I’m feeling so isolated. Your Sunday emails are my saving grace! I’ve started the audio and it’s a huge help to have my weekly focus.Thank you mo for doing this! xo “
Ana, .
“My mind is all over the place between constant toddler activity planning how to care for everything as a single mom…oh the ANXIETY I’m glad you’re developing this new way to connect with people. Sunday Self Care E-Mails are perfect! The World needs you!”
Jennifer, .
“Your emails couldn’t come at a better time. I’m so looking forward to each Sunday to start back to better health and less negative impact of my stress. THANK YOU! All my love and lotsa virtual hugs!”
Winnie, .
“Good mood foods. The list helped me through my birthday, Thanksgiving, and I’m sure will be what I lean on most for Hanukah. Knowing how my brain is working and able to explain to others my focus has done more for my self-esteem than I can tell you. Instead of the ‘endless dieter, I’m now the one who focuses on self-care –ya know that alone has changed how I feel others treat me. Wish I had this in school, in counseling, all these years I made myself feel bad for lacking will-power. Now by using the breathing, the reframing every day, every meal I can choose to help my body and I can see how this upcoming year will be even more amazing. PS The videos help tremendously thank you for adding them.'”
Patti Z, .
“Thought you should know I fought the urge to buy my favorite chocolate and bought cauliflower and broccoli to put in my salad with nuts this week. That’s what I added to my salad at lunchtime. I was told to bring dessert to our Halloween party and took a watermelon!  Friends couldn’t believe I didn’t bring ice cream!  And said as much.

I saw my reward on the scale. I lost 1 one glorious pound!  Thanks so much for helping me make these small decisions and recognizing the benefit. Oh, I also recognized the pain in my lower back is lessened with the reduced amount of sugar. A definite reward that I recognized. Thanks again.

Marilyn, .
” 4th month in a row off my migraine medication. Not a single Migraine in 4 months that’s down from multiple per week for the past 10 years. My specialist asked me what I was doing and I said Self Care. I calm my HPA Axis multiple times each day which helped me, changed my Stress Eating, Then I realigned my posture. He was like Your HPA Axis? Realigned Posture?? impressive words — okay, well GOOD on YOU. Keep doing it and I’ll see you next year. I’ll repeat what others have said. It seems so slow, too SIMPLE but layering on and doing the focused actions day in and day out adds up to amazing changes. Thank you for helping me to stop being mad at my body and instead be in amazement of it.”
Maxine S., .
“For the first 4 days I found myself weeping, day 6 I could feel a shift, I describe it as a feeling of relief. I look forward to see what the entire 90days will bring. I appreciate this so very much mo. Thank you. You’re a doll 😘 “
Janet P, .
“Angel 😇 that’s what you are. Thank you for showing back up into my life.. You changed my life when we first met 30 years ago….and again this week. I look forward to the Self-care emails each Sunday. 🙏🏻
Karen C, .
” I’m close to day 90 and like you told us the positive would slowly add up to noticeable change. I went from having daily headaches to weekly. This month 3 total! I’m in tears. Thank you is not enough but thank you.”
Georgette, .
“Husband is on board, making protein breakfasts, lunches, suppers and we are both having more energy, with more energy we move more, our mood is better, we play the HPA music each day to start us off in the am and fall to sleep to it. This is fantastic.
” I was struggling Postnatally to get my body and mind back. I’m on the 3rd step of the HPA Axis and not only am I calmer my cranky baby is. Your background music is on loop here. I’m enjoying him now. Looking forward to the upcoming muscle work. Thank you.”
Van (Vanessa), .

🤦🏻‍♀️ “Why don’t we learn to just do what mo says!?! Seriously… What’s our deal?” that’s what I said to my husband walking out of the bedroom this morning.

I KNOW what mo suggested to reduce my knee pain and inflammation to get ready for my knee surgery worked. 
When I made the Micro Decisions to do her Focused Actions- guess what they worked! 
Actually, worked so amazingly that I shared the information with coworkers and had my husband try it.
He was impressed with the results he received also and that’s saying a lot because he has had bilateral knee replacements! 
Now fast forward –Post knee surgery I was struggling with swelling in my knee.
Taking my prescribed NSAIDs  & topical gel not working I reached out to mo…. she asked of course about her suggestions of minerals and soaking, it was like a light bulb went off and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t put them back into my routine.
I returned to soaking that night, woke up with my knee feeling soooo much better.
🤦🏻‍♀️I immediately said to my husband, what is wrong with us?
We have the tools and the knowledge but yet we forget to use it!
I don’t have the answer to why that is yet, I am sure mo could tell me!! 
I’m just glad she’s there each week and encourages reaching out. 
What I do know is I am going to keep on soaking and taking my minerals, thank you MO!!
., .

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