8 New Moms Share How Their Prenatal Exercise Experience Made a Difference to Them.

If you walk away with one thing from what moms share, I hope it is feeling more empowered. 8 Moms Share How Their Prenatal Exercise Experience Made a Difference to Them.

One thing I noticed early on in class is that Pregnant women and New moms’ biggest hurdle of relaxing into and enjoying their pregnancy was the unknown and looming labor and delivery.

This observation led me to invite moms back after delivery so they could share firsthand with moms who hadn’t delivered yet.

This created a small space where they could ask questions, feel understood, learn from, and even gain confidence about how the Ab exercises helped them personally.

During these get-togethers, I found myself pointing out to the pregnant moms how the new moms’ stories are real-life examples that Self-Care doesn’t have to be a once-in-a-while thing that you schedule.

It’s using simple, focused actions that work with the body at the right time. Weaving in Simple Self-Care Exercises like the Ab exercises or 2 Tips (I call them Micro decisions) lead to results.

Big results because they snowball, so you can feel, look, and live better!

Self Care can be all three things at once: Simple. Woven into your day and EFFECTIVE.

Mom 1

What I would like to share. My 2nd pregnancy was so much better when I came to class and got to know the basics about how my body was working to keep me and my baby safe.

You would think after having one baby, I’d feel comfortable- like I knew what I should do but I did not learn anything from my first pregnancy experience. What I did feel when I found out I was pregnant again was fear. I was fearful of being in pain again like I was in with my first.

My doctor referred me to Mo’s class, and I’d like to share that the information she teaches you is so valuable. I know so much more about my body, and there is something that impacted me greatly that I’d like to share was that –

I was in so much pain the first time! AND I created the pain…

“When I was first pregnant, I was so flexible I couldn’t believe it, and then I overdid it in Yoga. I overstretched my pubic symphysis. (I didn’t know what my pubic symphysis was OR that I should be careful when exercising!) Talk about pain. Every move hurt.

BE really careful when stretching the joint that holds the two sides of your pelvis together.

I could not move for months– and I mean moving from one sitting position to another or trying to get comfortable in bed.

It’s baffling to me now that, the first go-round, I had no idea my newfound flexibility was from the hormones and that I should be careful of overstretching. And I was taking a prenatal yoga class being encouraged to exhale and lean into the stretch! I cannot say it enough– I was in sooooo much pain for the rest of my first pregnancy.

Because of this, I didn’t want to exercise with my 2nd, but I was getting achy all over. Thankfully, mo explains everything and will go into every detail when it comes to how the hormones impact each of our systems. I understood how to choose exercises, which meant I could exercise and stay out of pain this 2nd time around.

It all makes perfect sense. You build the foundation first, then systematically layer on the exercises.

It works. I did the exercise system daily throughout my entire second pregnancy, and there was no pain!

In fact, my core muscles and leg and arm muscles were so much stronger postnatally that it was unbelievable.

And it was this balanced framework that mo taught me that is the key to me staying pain-free. I want to share that you have more influence than you might believe. I know that was my experience and why I’m sharing it with others in the hopes that they are encouraged to learn about and work with their body during this wonderful time”

Mom 2

What I would like to share is that I will incorporate Mo’s openness and eagerness to share how the body works (what I know) with my daughters!

I was embarrassed, but there was no reason to be because, as I found out, others had the same worry as I did.

I was so embarrassed and suffered in pain for longer than I needed to because I was too afraid to ask my question until I got the courage to ask mo.

So I’d like to share my embarrassing question to maybe help others.

“mo, Why am I having so much pain between my legs?”

Come to find out; you can have varicose veins in your vulva. Who knew? I was RELIEVED!

illustration side view pregnant body text identifies the parts including the cervix, vulva, vagina, bladder rectum.

The great exercises mo gave the entire class helped ease my pain, along with the tips and explanations about what goes on in my vulva, which made such a difference for me.

Learning that my vulva was impacted by the increased blood flow and large veins in the region, add to that the weight of the pregnancy, meant I could take steps to get relief.

Not only did the exercise and tips help during pregnancy, but they also supported me postnatally, and by then, I was a pro at reducing the swelling in the region.

Knowing what was going on and what I could do also helped reduce the anxiety I had around my body changes. I found it so comforting to know that my body was made for carrying babies.

Once I heard that, I knew everything else was ‘figureoutable’…The biggest thing I would like to pass on is to ask, ask, ask. Ask your Dr, Midwife, Doula. Mother, Sister, friends.

The more comfortable you are at asking, it may surprise you how comfortable others like mo are willing to share with you. I’m sure happy I finally got the gumption up to ask mo about the pain between my legs. I will also encourage my daughters to ask me their questions.

P.S. She knows her stuff –mo has been doing this for so long that my mom went to her when she was pregnant with me!”

Mom 3

What I would like to share: That when you understand even a few basics of what is going on during pregnancy it helps tremendously.

My body felt like it was changing day by day, I had no idea how I would handle my upcoming delivery. I didn’t know what I should do during pregnancy that would be safe for my baby, too, and I wanted to alleviate the aches, pains, and discomforts I was already experiencing.

My biggest OBSTACLE was uncertainty. Just not sure why I was uncomfortable (other than I was pregnant). I would like to share and encourage moms to get the basic understanding that mo provides about how the body is set up to work with you and your baby for the most successful pregnancy.

After that understanding it was so much easier for me to make choices of what will be most helpful for me to be comfortable.

The Wall exercises and the Hamstring Release resolved my aches and pains. Knowing how to use the exercises for delivery increased my confidence, and the step-by-step exercises to do in bed are still very helpful postnatally to this day.

I became calmer:

I found the advice from others- your body will take care of itself during labor— lame. When mo offered the explanation of how every exercise that I was practicing daily would benefit me through labor, which, by the way, I can attest they did. It all made so much sense. I didn’t just want to learn about what was going on; I wanted to know what I could do during the labor and delivery. Knowing that the Ab exercises and then the advanced exercises were training me every day for labor was calming for me.

And I was ready for when the excruciating back pain came about and worked through it because I knew my baby’s head and shoulders were pressing on my nerve bundles. I could see the picture in my head that mo shared with us, and I could use the 3 Ab exercises to work through that stage, opening that area up positionally and with my breath. My Midwife was amazed. I guess the big take away I’d like to pass on is that you will use every exercise not only to help you to be comfortable during pregnancy but they will serve you during delivery and postnatally.

Mom 4

I would like to share that I was already a 2-time mom, and I wanted VBAC even though I had 2 Previous Cesarean births, I wanted to have a vaginal delivery.

Having a vaginal delivery post cesareans, I was told, can be complicated, and I wasn’t sure how to best prepare for the increased possibility of going through labor and delivering vaginally.

I felt the decision was up to my doctor, and I was not sure there was anything I could do, and mo helped me understand otherwise.

Knowing these statistics helped:

First, she gave me the statistics that between 6-8 out of 10 women (more than 60-80 percent) who try VBAC are successful in having their baby vaginally.

And recently, ACOG stated that VBAC is safer than a repeat cesarean, and that

VBAC with more than one previous cesarean does not pose an increased risk.

I learned that training my Abs with my diaphragm is extremely beneficial so I was motivated and used the 3 Ab Exercises religiously. Picking the baby up before getting up, before sitting down, before lifting anything…including my two children under 4.

My son was well positioned. His size was average. My Dr agreed that my stronger abdominal wall, and my strong diaphragm were helping him feel more comfortable about things going my way and delivering vaginally. It paid off.

But I guess what I would share after this experience is that I was not only way more prepared going into delivery but I was feeling fitter than I ever have.

I delivered vaginally!! BUT

Even if I had the third C-section, I would still be thrilled that I now know and use the 3 Ab exercises that I used throughout pregnancy and postnatally because they have improved my overall fitness. I am surprised that now, with 3 little ones under 6, I feel better than in my previous 2 postnatal experiences when I only had one and then two little ones.

And with the other two pregnancies, I took a bunch of classes. Yoga, Prenatal exercise programs.

With the two little ones, I couldn’t afford to take an hour of my day to do a routine.

I got all the benefits in minutes AT HOME and was able to weave the exercises that were most important to my body into my day.

The real bottom line I’d like to share is that the exercises work on so many levels and are doable. I believe they made all the difference in my VBAC, but I also know if I did have a 3rd C-Section, I would still be thrilled with all I gained.

Mom 5

What I would want to share: I’d want to share with other moms that if they are Pregnant and in discomfort/pain with Carpel tunnel that using the exercises daily changed my posture so much it alleviated my carpel tunnel.

I wanted to get out of pain (of course, in a way that is safe for my baby)

The pain was disrupting my day-to-day life, especially my sleep.

I was told and believed it is simply a part of being pregnant for some women.

By a fluke, I met an old schoolmate who just had a little one, and when she saw me with a wrist cast, she asked what was wrong, and I told her the carpel tunnel was back again, just like it was with my first pregnancy but worse.

For the first time in a long time, my pain decreased after exercising instead of increasing:

She invited me back to class when she was showing off her newborn. I went and brought my toddler (who loved doing the exercises with us), and for the first time in a long time, my pain decreased after exercising instead of increasing.

It was only my first exposure to the exercises, but I was hooked and began using the routine daily. Always paying close attention to the exercises that I know are specifically beneficial for MY body. I love that mo shows you how every exercise is supporting which system.

It means I know which exercises to do more of to get relief. After a few weeks the pain was getting better and better until it was gone. The thing I guess I would want to share is to explore maybe how your posture might be contributing to any pain you may be experiencing. I spent a lot more time looking in the mirror, focusing on the exercises that would lighten the load on my spine, and I still do that to this day.

You will be happy you took the time to learn the exercises that are effective during pregnancy and happy you learned what and how each exercise supports your body so you can fine-tune it for your needs. Don’t give up if you are uncomfortable. Try a few posture-changing exercises, and I think you’ll be happy you did. I sure was.

Mom 6

At age 23, I broke two vertebrae in a car accident. The addition of 30 pounds during pregnancy at age 26 proved painful. Weekly, oftentimes bi-weekly visits to a chiropractor were the only source of relief I found. But it stopped working after awhile. My second pregnancy was much the same. Although I only gained 20 pounds, the added stress of lifting and carrying a one-year-old ravaged my spine.

I tried chiropractic but was dissatisfied and relied primarily on lying on my back with pillows underneath, arching to stretch the spine. It was uncomfortable at best.

My third pregnancy at age 29 became difficult at around the fifth month with two toddlers and no time for rest.

Not knowing a good chiropractor in my new town, I went to mo and told her I needed help. She carefully walks through the exercises and why.

Honestly, my back was looser after the first full-time I did the routine and without pain until the next day.

The exercises themselves are simple, easy to do, and absolutely without stress. Afterward, I feel stronger, more limber, and able to sleep. If I miss a day, I feel it throughout my spine and shoulders. My muscles knot up, and I can’t get comfortable.

By my ninth month I was still feeling superb. Even after gaining 30 pounds- my back has become stronger.

Running after the little ones has been fine since I know I can do my exercises later on, usually with them. It’s reassuring to have these exercises and know that they are effective and not injurious to my baby or myself.

What I would like to share is that it doesn’t matter if you are a first-time mom or a four-time mom. The Ab exercises and advanced system will feel so good, AND they will progressively help you to become stronger, too.

Mom 7

In my first pregnancy, I gained 70 pounds. This time, I’m exercising with mo and feel a lot better. I looked for an exercise video, but not knowing if I was doing the exercise right or even why I was doing it at all made me leery. But I really wanted to keep exercising because I had painful varicose veins that were getting more and more painful, a back pain that wouldn’t go away and I felt the need to nap every afternoon.

My Dr suggested mo’s class, I went, and I thought, ‘This is too easy to do anything’.

mo recognized this and encouraged me to come for the entire month, at least, she said, until I had layered on each technique, and WOW!

They sure looked easy and seemed easy, but what I learned is that they are SIMPLE, not easy. They are also EFFECTIVE. Once I got each exercise down with the proper technique I was and still am amazed at the workout. After a while, I was able to integrate mo’s exercise system into my daily routine. That’s when my veins stopped hurting altogether. My back pain vanished and my entire body feels good, too.

My two-and-a-half year-old asks if it’s time to exercise with Mo

She misses going to class, but we still do it at home. She loves to count while we do them. We do them together while her baby sister is napping. Things I would share include my pregnancy was a lot more comfortable. If you are uncomfortable, I would encourage you to give it a try.

I would also recommend learning all the positioning and breathing tips mo teaches. They are helpful in that they make the exercises more effective, but they were also super helpful in delivery.

I was able to work with my labor so much better by getting into the exercise positions and using the breathing. It is true that the exercises were training you to be your best during your labor. Let’s see. The pushing went really well because of my understanding of the Diaphragm and the practice of using it each day. Postnatally, I am in better shape than I’ve ever been in. I’m fitter and stronger and able to do more with my two girls, and I love that

Mom 8

What I would like to share: I would share with all of you who are NOT exercisers. With my first baby, I didn’t do any exercises, and I was miserable. Now with my second baby, I used the prenatal program, and I’m very happy.

With the program, I have no or very little swelling or water gain. I want to emphasize I’m not one who enjoys any type of exercise, but you know what, these are great, and the benefit of how they keep my swelling down is motivation enough for me. But there is more…

I would also share that you can do the program with children. This may sound trite, but my two-year-old is a handful, and even thinking I could do an exercise routine was laughable, but he enjoys doing them with me. I can do the program anytime, day or night, with or without him.

If I have a tough day and I have tension, I do the program; it melts away. The program relieves my tension, reduces my swelling, and relaxes me. It relaxes me because I use the breathing mo teaches us. That made such a difference for me.

My mood is so much calmer. My husband loves it.

Also, with my first baby, I had a lot of back pain, and so I avoided moving, thinking it would make it worse, but looking at the charts, mo shows us about the downward and forward pull on the spine – well, no wonder I was in pain. Seeing the charts are helpful and motivating. When you know why you are doing them you want to do them to counter the pulling on the spine, and it works!

After learning WHY and WHAT each exercise does and why my pregnant body is supported by each got me to do the program regularly. The result- my back doesn’t hurt. I also think this type of program could help people who have poor circulation because my mom started doing it with me while she was here visiting and she felt wonderful.

The program is not difficult to do at all. There are no dance steps to learn, no jumping around, It fits into your day. It gets you results. I hope this helps the non-exercisers joining the class.

Moms Share Prenatal Exercise Experiences