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Welcome to Head to Toe Tracking!

Jot down your body signals from head to toe.

Here's what to do:

  • Take a quick moment to fill in the text boxes
  • If you do measurements upload a copy in jpg format.
  • Click send and your Head to Toe notes arrive to your inbox.

Come back seasonally you'll have your previous notes in your email to compare- you'll be happy you did!!

The value of this tool will surprise you!

Head to Toe Notes is a SUPER helpful and motivating tool in our self care journey.

How so?

Since we are with ourselves 24/7 the progress we make is often not noticeable. Here are just a few examples sent in from subscribers:

I'm going to admit I was a big critic of how simple your suggestions are. My sister got me into the 52 weeks with her. I only did it because she challenged me and I am competitive. I watched the videos, fell asleep to the tapes, did the 3 influencer HPA and Muscle work step by step. You could knock me over with a feather when I went to the Doctor every health marker of mine has improved. My waist, weight, My BP, My Cholesterol. I knew I was toner and stronger and calmer but wow. And those SIMPLE exercises well they aren't EASY just like you point out! Anyway even though I my sister beat me I have won a ton this past year! And you have won me over. Thanks mo
“Dear mo, you are so right about not realizing the progress I was making. I wrote down I was having daily headaches. Today when I went to fill in my head to toe I was thinking hmmmm when was my last headache! I cannot believe it."
Polly F
“mo, mo, mo....if you were to ask me if my body was changing I would have told you no. Thing is I wear stretchy pants and when I went to put on my Summer swim trunks they were baggy. Wish I believed you when you said the simple self care changes would creep up and I wouldn't notice. Ha, ha, ha.. (now I wish I did the measurements sheet -- doing them right now! ) My wife asked me "Lesson learned Carl!?"
Carl M
This works. My wife told me it would and it does.
Words Head, Nose, Eyes, Ears. Illustration woman head turnd to side and Organs visible
Head to Toe Scan words Neck, Shoulders, Chest, Hands. Illustration of womans region of body wearing a green tank top
Words Stomach Hips Thighs to the right of Illustration woman and organs
Words Mood, Energy, Sleep, Appetite next to a woman resting
Journal writing of notes about body plant in upper left corner

If You'd like to take your measurements you can download this pdf sheet.


If you'd like to upload a photo (jpg format) of your completed measurement sheet so you have a digital copy together with your notes you can do so here.

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