Start here: The SIMPLICITY, Efficiency, and Effectiveness of Self Care is a result of drilling down SELF Care to the ONE Goal, ONE Focus, and 1 Micro Decision after another that sets you up to feel, look and live better. Everything on The Simple Self Care Lifestyle is built on these 3 Foundational pieces.

THe simple self care lifestyle

simple works!

Start here to get off the Self Care gerbil wheel for good!

Say goodbye to starting and stopping self care. You do not need extra money or extra time to get started.

The Self Care Recipe for Success:

  1. Know the 1 OVERARCHING Goal to achieve FIRST. The body needs you to achieve this goal in order to be successful in achieving all the other goals YOU have.
  2. Implement the 1 FOCUS, letting it guide you to achieving the 1 GOAL.
  3. Use the MICRO-DECISIONS. They are the focused actions that are KEY to achieving the 1 Goal efficiently and effectively!

Start Here with ONE Goal, Focus & Micro-decision at a Time.

It is truly that SIMPLE!

The beauty of SIMPLE Self Care is that it is doable. SIMPLE removes CONFUSION, and it eliminates OVERWHELM. It does NOT cost extra money or time to get started.

Think of it as Self Care Minimalism!

We eliminate what is in the way of the wellness we want, and as we let go of what’s holding us back, we add and keep what works!

Here’s what some subscribers sent my way after using The Simple Self Care Lifestyle Information, Tips, Tools, Products and or Programs. You can read more on The Simple Self Care Results Page

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As I enter my 7th decade, the time feels right to share the integrative wellness knowledge I’ve gained over the last 40+ years. I hope to build The Simple Self Care Lifestyle into your go-to Self Care resource. There is more about the site setup for you on the About page.

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The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

Starting with the key to everything

Our 1 Goal

Discover what it is that makes every other health, wellness & fitness: Self Care Goal achievable.

The Core COncepts direct us to

1 Focus

3 Core Concepts provide us with the 1 FOCUS that everything on the Simple Self Care Lifestyle is based on.

Efficient & Effective Self Care

Micro Decisions

Adding up one good Micro Decision after another produces RESULTS! You begin to feel better, look better & live better!

The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

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THe simple self care lifestyle

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The Simple Self Care Lifestyle