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1 Self Care Focus + Micro Decisions = Our Goal

1 Focus to Get Crystal Clear How SIMPLE it is to Achieve any Health, Wellness, & Fitness Goal!

Having the 1 GOAL under our belt, it’s time to dive into our 1 Self Care FOCUS!

The 1 FOCUS helps us get crystal clear on HOW the minimalistic approach of making one good Micro Decision after another produces exponential RESULTS!

In the 1 Self Care Goal, I shared how nothing about your Body is too complicated for you to understand. Don’t fall prey to ‘It’s complicated.’ It is not.

Your Body is NOT too complicated.

It’s YOUR Body, for Pete’s sake! You will never be closer to, spend more time with or rely on something more in your lifetime.

I spent many years learning and presenting each of our body’s ‘systems’ and ‘organs’ so I could share the best information and tips that’d support the particular audience I was presenting to.

3 images of mo. Teaching in 1980's, 2000's and 2020's
Wow, it looks like I gravitate toward pink when I am presenting!  I did not know that about myself until just now. 

You could categorize my presentations as ‘silos’ of self care. I had a presentation for Pre-conception, Pregnancy, Post Pregnancy, Toddler and Family, The Back System, Posture fixes, Resolving GI Issues, Food Allergies, Biome, Metabolism, Elite Training, and Cancer Care to name a few.

After creating and presenting many times each year, over multiple years, I found myself repeating this system is connected to that one; that one is connected to this one.

Then one year, as I was creating the next presentation for the Cancer Connection, I took a step back to try and hold the bigger picture. I wanted to find the most powerful piece of information I could share about why different tips or tools could help support the body during treatments, recovery, and then after.

I combed through all my research, started plotting things, and drilled it down. This led me to the conclusion that there is only 1 FOCUS that matters to Self Care and that is the RESILIENCE of our CELLS.

There is only 1 FOCUS that matters to Self Care and that is the RESILIENCE of our CELLS.


It is genuinely THAT SIMPLE.

The 3 Core Concepts helped me determine that the RESILIENCE of our CELLS is the 1 FOCUS that matters to Optimizing Our Biological Terrain.

Since Optimizing Our Biological Terrain is Our 1 GOAL, it was wonderful to uncover the power and SIMPLICITY of the 1 FOCUS that enables us to achieve it.

The 3 CORE CONCEPTS of Self Care

Core Concept 1

1 Self Care Focus Multiple Body Systems to depict that they are working together.


Our Body Systems DEPEND on each other.

Our Body is made up of systems. They interconnect, integrate, and without pause, cross-talk with each other. They depend on each other!

A simplistic overview of our systems:

  1. Nervous System: our signal-informational System.
  2. Endocrine System: made up of glands that produce hormones to control things like our growth, sleep, mood, and reproduction.
  3. Respiratory System: brings air into the body and removes carbon dioxide.
  4. Digestive System: breaks down then moves our food, as well as process and eliminate waste.
  5. Immune System: our body’s defense system against infections and disease.
  6. Lymphatic System: moves the waste our cells make.
  7. Urinary System: responsible for eliminating waste from the body.
  8. Skeletal System: made up of bones that protect organs; give our body shape and structure.
  9. Muscle system: muscles shorten and elongate to pull on our bones so we can move.
  10. Reproductive System: to conceive and have children.
  11. Integumentary System: protects our insides: it is our skin, hair, nails, and epithelial cells.

All of our systems interconnect and are interdependent on each other.

Being dependent on each other is a BIG deal!

Systems Interact and are DEPENDENT on each other.

We all kinda know that our systems interconnect, interact, and cross-talk with each other. Lesser known and extremely important is that they are dependent on each other.

Why is that important?

If one system is chronically working sub-optimally, it can begin to negatively impact another system. Two systems chronically sub-optimal will begin to impact another and another.

Slowly our Bio-individual Terrain becomes less and less resilient. The 1 GOAL of Optimizing Your Terrain is compromised. The way we feel, look, and engage in life moves slowly toward less resilience.

We become more vulnerable. Insults we could tolerate before are too much for our bodies.

One Goal image on a tablet on a table

Optimize Your Biological Terrain

Resilience is the KEY to feeling, looking and living well!

Achieve your goals! Feel, Look & Live Better than you ever imagined!

Natural Ebb and Flow still = Optimized

Of course, we have a natural ebb and flow. And we want challenges so our body’s resilience will strengthen. Having a system or two working sub-optimally during a ‘bout’ of something – for instance, an acute episode, an injury, a virus, an infection, or a strenuous workout is fine and can promote our resilience.

The other body systems will ramp up, pitch in, and bring the body back into the realm of ‘optimized’ balance.

It is when one or more systems are chronically suboptimal and a slow chronic depletion is occurring that we become vulnerable.

Bottomline when we know that our body systems interconnect and depend on each other, it helps us SIMPLIFY our Self Care.

To further our understanding of how to best choose Self Care that Optimizes Our Biological Terrain, we keep Core Concept 1 in mind and move on to Core Concept 2.

Our Body is Made Up of Systems. They are Integrated and DEPENDENT on Each Other.

Core Concept 1

Core Concept 2


Our Body has a Hierarchy-Cells Rule!

Our Body has a hierarchy; it is the CELLS that rule.

The Body is made up of Systems that interconnect, integrate, and depend on each other.

Each and every one of the Systems is made up of Organs.

Organs are made up of Tissues.

Tissues are made up of Cells.

We are dependent on Healthy Cells!

Healthy Cells, Healthy Body.

When we have Healthy Cells, the Tissue that they make up will be healthy. Healthy Tissues will create Healthy Organs. Organs that are healthy will mean our Systems will be healthy. Healthy Systems = Healthy YOU!

A Healthy YOU is VIBRANT, living your life to its fullest!

The inverse is also true.

As the ratio of unhealthy cells to healthy cells increases, the tissues that the cells make up are less able to create healthy organs. Organs that are in suboptimal health create Systems that are more challenged.

Since our Systems are interconnected and DEPENDENT on each other, Core Concept 1, Our Body’s Resilience is compromised.

This is our human organism hierarchy.

  • The Health of Our Body is dependent on Our Body’s Systems.
  • Our Body’s Systems depend on having Healthy Tissues.
  • Those Healthy Tissues are dependent on Healthy Cells.

Bottomline CELLS RULE!

When Your Cells are Healthy, YOU are Healthy. It is truly that SIMPLE!

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The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

Our body has a hierarchy. Cells RULE!

Core COncept 2

1 Focus: Healthy CELLS

There it is- ONE SINGLE FOCUS: Have a higher ratio of Healthy Cells. Healthy Cells are what is needed for a healthy body. A body built with a higher ratio of healthy cells is RESILIENT!

Core Concepts 1 and 2 help us envision that our OPTIMIZED Terrain is DEPENDENT on having a higher ratio of HEALTHY CELLS to unhealthy cells.

This leads us to ask: HOW can our CELLS get what they need?! Once we know HOW they can get what they need, we will be able to uncover WHAT exactly it is that they need.

First, HOW can our CELLS get what they need? Core Concept 3 answers that.

Core Concept 3: Cells Rule! BUT YOU are KING!

1 Self Care Focus Multiple Body Systems to depict that they are working together.


Cells Rule, but YOU are KING!

We have established Optimizing Our Biological Terrain is dependent on having Healthy Systems.

The Body Organism Hierarchy shows us that the Health of our Systems is dependent on the ratio of healthy cells to unhealthy cells.

The last layer of dependence is the fact that: Our CELLS are 100% dependent on us.

Cells Rule but YOU are KING!

core concept 3

Our Cells are 100% DEPENDENT on US

100%. Each one of us gets to call the shots. We decide what goes into our body, how much we move it, and the toxins we expose it toWe are the ruler! The KING! It is up to us to Provide what our Cells need in a balanced way and to Protect them.

Core Concept 3 YOU are KING! How empowering is that?! Personally, when I came to this conclusion, I found I could finally replace my angst over the way my body seemed to have one issue after another— with what I felt was no rhyme or reason— by making sure I figured out if I was Providing my cells with what they needed and if I was Protecting them.

I thought I was- I WASN’T. The 3 CELL Core Concepts helped me understand that.

They also helped me clarify that what I had to do now, as KING, was figure out what focused actions (Micro Decisions) I could make that would Provide and Protect my CELLS!

Todays Simple Self Care Tip

This is how the MICRO DECISIONS developed.

As it turns out, WHAT our cells need to be healthy is also quite SIMPLE.

The 3 CELL Core Concepts I share in the next post shed light on what our cells need us to Provide them to be healthy and WHY. They also help us understand HOW to Protect them.

Next up: The 3 CELL Core Concepts that make choosing the Micro Decisions that’ll add up to resilient cells easy peasy!

3 cell Core COncepts

Micro Decisions

The 3 Cell Core Concepts guide us toward the Micro Decisions that’ll help us fulfill our cells needs!

THe simple self care lifestyle

The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

I’m glad you are here…

3 cell Core COncepts

Micro Decisions

The 3 Cell Core Concepts guide us toward the Micro Decisions that’ll help us fulfill our cells needs!