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Self Care Micro Decisions = RESULTS! They build Motivation & Healthy Habits too!

We’ve got the 1 GOAL down and the 1 FOCUS; now we’re ready for the Micro Decisions that enable us to achieve both.

We’ll walk through WHAT Micro Decisions are, WHY they work, an Example of HOW Motivation and Healthy Habits are cultivated when we use them, and the 3 CELL Core Concepts that guide us.

THe simple self care lifestyle


What are Micro Decisions?

Micro Decisions are the moment-by-moment decisions we make in our heads all day long.

Micro Decision Examples

We are making yes and no Self Care Micro Decisions that cumulatively have a significant impact on our CELLS all day long. There are Good, Neutral, and Bad Self Care Micro Decisions. (and multiple degrees of each in between)

There are Good, Neutral, Bad, and multiple degrees of each when it comes to Self Care Micro Decisions.

It’s the direction we TREND in that matters most.


It is the direction we TREND in that matters most

The more Good Micro Decisions, the better the CELLS are being Provided for and Protected. It’s the direction we trend in that matters most.

Having the 1 FOCUS; of looking for one Good Micro Decision after another SIMPLIFIES Self Care and is the key to exponential results!

Todays Simple Self Care Tip

Why do they work?

Why do Self Care Micro Decisions work?

Self Care Micro Decisions work because

  1. Our brain is rewarded instantaneously and more often.
  2. They all Provide something to the CELL and/or Protect it.
  3. You are never ‘Falling off a plan’; you are instead always moving toward your 1 GOAL.

Every Good Self Care Micro Decision adds benefit to your cellular health, as does the one before it and the one before that.

There is always a benefit to adding another GOOD Self Care Micro Decision at the moment you decide to add one. It is that instantaneous and that SIMPLE.

Don’t let the SIMPLICITY fool you!

Micro Decisions end up being as powerful, if not more powerful, than our BIG goals!

This is because Self Care Micro Decisions are ‘BIG’ Self Care Goals SIMPLIFIED into the foundational pieces that add up to BIG Goal RESULTS!

By removing the overwhelm and mental friction that big goals create, we are able to focus on leveraging the way the body works, one Micro Decision at a time.

Leveraging and layering, leveraging and layering. It is repeating the leveraging and layering of 1 Good Micro Decision after another that gets us RESULTS!

Micro Decisions end up being as powerful, if not more powerful, than BIG goals!


Each post on The Simple Self Care Lifestyle has pertinent Information, Tips, Tools, Products, or Program that provides you with another Self Care Micro Decision you can add to your pool of options.

This way, when you are ready to add another Good Self Care Micro Decision, you can find one that is appealing and fits into your life at that moment.

EXAMPLE of adding a SIMPLE Self Care Micro Decision

Let’s walk through a quick example: When you are in the mood to add another SIMPLE Self Care Micro Decision, and you want one with:

  • no time commitment yet, one that will have
  • a HUGE cumulative, positive impact on your Cells,

You can head to the Post Category: Your Body: Reduce Toxins and choose something that you use every day, maybe even something you use multiple times a day, like SALT.

Your Simple Self Care Micro Decision can be to Swap your Salt!

4 cups of salt on a white surface. Each a different color(type) of salt. Words: identify each type of salt

Salt- Iodized? Himalayan? More important is Lead & Plastic FREE!

Unfortunately, there is Plastic and Lead even in ‘good‘ ‘fancy high-end salts. Here are 2 Salt Sources you can count on.

Simple Self Care 1 Good Micro Decision at a time

Deciding to Swap out your Salt for Salt that is Lead and Plastic Free is a Good Micro Decision that has H-U-G-E positive impact on cells. ✔️+

When you place the salt order- That’s a 2nd Good Micro Decision.✔️+

Each and every time you use your plastic and lead-free salt in a recipe, you are making another Good Self Care Micro Decision. ✔️+

Every meal that you use plastic and lead-free salt, you are supporting your cells by reducing the toxic burden of lead and plastic on your cells.✔️ 3 Meals a day +++ 3 Good Micro Decisions!

A Healthy Habit as Forming

After using Salt that is Lead and Plastic Free for a while, it’ll become a natural part of your Simple Self Care.

It’ll simply become a Healthy Habit. You won’t have to think about it, and yet your Cells will continue to reap benefits from your new habit of using Plastic and Lead-Free Salt.

Over time this 1 SIMPLE Micro Decision you decided to make creates an exponential benefit to your Body’s Biological Terrain.

The Good Micro decision morphs into a Healthy habit. There is no overwhelm; your brain feels like there is more space to explore another Good Micro Decision.

There will come a moment when you’re in the mood to grab another Good Micro Decision and wallah!!!; you are layering another Good Micro Decision that’ll Provide your CELL with something that supports and Protects it.

After you get used to that new Good Micro Decision, you’ll feel ready for another…

Now you are doing it!


Todays Simple Self Care Tip

Self Care Micro Decisions Work Because They:

It is that SIMPLE.

Good Micro Decisions also work because they are simultaneously cultivating Motivation.

Self Care Micro Decisions Cultivate Motivation.

Motivation is not something we have. It is something we Cultivate.

Each time you take a moment to recognize that you are making a Good Self Care Micro Decision, your Brain takes note.

The awareness and recognition of a Good Self Care Micro Decision will work like this on the Brain:

A Good Micro Decision is made, there is a ‘satisfied’ or a ‘happy thought’, and the brain gets a hit of a ‘feel-good’ hormone.

We Want To REPEATEDLY Trigger the ‘Feel Good’ Hormone with Self Care Thoughts & Actions

When you make your Good Self Care Micro Decision of, say, swapping salts for ones that are FREE of Plastic and Lead, you want to take a moment to reinforce your thinking:

Something along the lines of- Great!– Good on me- I just made a Good SELF CARE Micro Decision

SIMPLE recognition like this helps your brain recognize you accomplished an action that you perceive as positive. Your brain, having received a nice little ‘dopamine hit’ (a feel-good hormone), takes note.

Get Motivated

Get Motivated in 2 Seconds! Leverage the way our brain works & build MOTIVATION for Self Care. Here’s Why it Works and How to do it!

Your Brain is Set Up to WANT Feel Good Hormones

The more positive reinforcement/feel-good hormone your brain receives when connected to a Good Self Care Micro Decision, the more drive is developed to make another and another Good Micro Decision.

Your brain wants happy hormones.

Initially, you’ll have to remember to focus on finding a Good Micro Decision and acknowledging it is a Good Self Care Micro Decision, but as time goes on, your motivation will cultivate shifting into an intrinsic drive to find another Good Self Care Micro Decision.


The Brain’s setup of wanting more ‘feel good’ hormone pays off when you leverage it.

The more positive reinforcement/feel-good hormone your brain receives, the more drive develops to make another and another Good Self Care Micro Decision.

The ‘feel-good’ feedback incrementally adds up until the steady stream of ‘feel-good’ hormones begins to cultivate motivation.

The more motivated you feel, the more you tend to make another Good Self Care Micro Decision.

The more you trend toward making more good micro decisions – the better you end up Providing and Protecting your cells.

The likelihood of you actualizing Self Care Micro Decisions into Healthy Habits INCREASES.

Healthy Habits Make for Resilient Cells.

Resilient Cells are what create the Optimized Biological Terrain, which makes EVERY other Goal we have more efficiently and effectively achievable.

Healthy Habits free up more time and brain space. You are able to layer on another ‘new’ Good Self Care Micro Decision. Over time you’ll begin to notice tiny, incremental shifts. You’ll notice areas where you feel better. READ RESULTS other Subscribers share.

When you feel better, you’ll naturally look better. As even more time goes by, you’ll notice you move through everyday life differently. More Joy is able to seep into daily life more frequently.

Womand hand holding a clock . The Words more Time, Brain space and Joy.

Micro Decisions = Smaller Hurdles with Immediate Pay-Off

Because making 1 Good Self Care Micro Decision is in itself a positive event, we get instantaneous positive feedback without waiting until the ‘end’ of a bigger goal.

This is HUGE! The more you can feed your brain positive experiences by adding up Good Self Care Micro Decisions, the more YOUR brain will encourage you to make another and another and another.

Awareness improves Motivation

Bringing awareness to what makes a Good Self Care Micro Decision is one of the goals I have for The Simple Self Care Lifestyle.

To do this, I intentionally focus each Posts Information, Tips, Tools, Products, & Programs on:

  • Simplifying and presenting HOW Our Body is ‘Set Up to Work’ for the topic at hand. My goal is to help you feel empowered to try out Micro Decisions that feel right for you. (Or to help you team up with your practitioner to explore Micro Decisions that may work for your body).
  • Provide you with Good Micro Decisions that Leverage the way the body is set up to work. This way, you can grab any Good Micro Decision, implement it, see how it works for YOU, and when ready, grab another and another.

The End Goal: Provide you with a go-to Self Care RESOURCE where you can access a growing pool of Good Self Care Micro Decision Information, Tips, Tools, Products, and Programs that help you incorporate one Good Micro Decision after another.

Micro Decisions that’ll help you Provide and Protect your CELL’s so they build their Resilience.

Resilient CELLS are the foundation of a Resilient Terrain.

2 landscapes the one on Right dry and in poor condition the one on left lush and well cared for. 1 goal is to care for your Terrain so it is resilient

We are up to the 3 CELL Core Concepts that guide us toward Good Micro Decisions. The 3 CELL Core Concepts also help make it absolutely clear that our Self Care is NOT too complicated for us to understand.

Before we jump into the 3 CELL Core Concepts, I want to quickly let you know about the MOtivator APP that is almost ready.

MOtivator APP

The MOtivator APP reinforces the ‘feel-good’ hormone. It Provides another layer of positive reinforcement to your Good Self Care Micro Decisions and encourages thefeel good‘ hormone. The more ways we cultivate the ‘feel good’ hormone, the more successful we are in cultivating the steady stream of MOTIVATION we desire.

It is a FREE SIMPLE Self Care Tool for you from me.


It is that SIMPLE.

Hit the + for each and every Good Self Care Micro Decision you make throughout the day. That’s it.

Watch your Good Micro Decision numbers GROW!

The APP helps to:

1) Immediately reinforce messaging to the brain that another Good Self Care Micro Decision is happening.

2) keep the awareness of all the Good Micro Decisions YOU DO MAKE- throughout the day- top of mind.

The instantaneous satisfaction of seeing the number go up and up adds yet another layer of positive reinforcement. You gain traction when it comes to developing the Self Care Motivation muscle.

1 Good Micro Decsion after another Adding Up on the MOtivator APP by The Simple Self Care Lifestyle


  • Hit the + plus sign for EVERY Good Self Care Micro Decision!
  • Have a good thought; hit the +.
  • Opted to breathe deeper or slower. Hit the + button.
  • Said no to something you did not want to do; hit the + button.
  • Decluttering and you removed one more item, hit the + any way YOU support your body adds up to Good Self Care for your body!!
  • Decided to forgo the excessively sugary thing – hit the +… 5 Minutes later, struggling with the decision again and decided again to do something more positive, hit the + sign. Struggle with the same thing 20 times. Each and every time your Micro Decsion trends to the positive option for your Cells, hit the plus + sign.
  • Reward the Good Micro Decision thoughts, decisions, and actions! ++++EACH and every nanosecond that they occur!

If you’d like to try out the first iteration, you can let me know by using this form. Confirming is necessary for NEW subscribers, so be sure to check your SPAM folder. I’ll contact you via email when it’s ready to download.

Back to the amazing attributes of Micro Decisions.

Micro Decisions Help Us Avoid Boredom

By replacing BIG GOALS with a pool of Good Micro Decisions that cumulatively help us achieve the 1 Big Goal, we stay on track AND keep from getting bored!

In the 1 GOAL post, I point out that one of the added benefits we get with our 1- Goal; 1 FOCUS; 1 Good Micro Decision after another is that we regain time that we used to spend looking for, starting and restarting plans or quick fixes. Having the option to find a new shiny object is built right into The Simple Self Care Lifestyle!

Shiny Object Syndrome

Often we seek out something new as a way to restart Self Care. Some new idea, thing, product, or program to stimulate our brain in a way that motivates us to partake in some type of Self Care. The shiny new object or shiny new ‘thing’ syndrome provides the ‘feel good’ stimulus on our brain.

Grab a New Micro Decision!

The Simple Self Care Lifestyle fulfills the drive to seek out new shiny objects! There will be new Good Micro Decision Posts for you to peruse and choose from.

The benefit of grabbing a Good Self Care Micro Decision is that all of the Posts full of Information, Tips, Tools, Products, and Programs are 100% geared toward helping you Optimize Your Biological Terrain.

By having NEW to YOU- Good Micro Decisions at the ready, you can stay stimulated AND trending toward accomplishing your One FOCUS of Providing and Protecting YOUR Cells.

There is no ‘Falling off Track’

We get to move from one Good Micro Decision to the next and next without ‘falling off track’ and feeling we have to start all over again.

There is no sabotaging ourselves.

We avoid the whole I’ll set a new date to start back up, and in the meantime, I might as well make less-than-optimal choices before starting again- ALL of that destructive behavior G-O-N-E!

Using the 1 FOCUS of seeking out Good Self Care Micro Decisions, we get to avoid having to dig ourselves out of back slides.

You can simply keep on, keeping on:) Providing and Protecting your CELLS!

Focusing on the 1 GOAL and the 1 FOCUS of Providing and Protecting Your Cells is the SIMPLEST way to improve your CELL’s resilience and, ultimately, Your Biological Terrain.

1 Good Micro Decision after another that Provides and Protects our Cells makes that happen!

Bringing us to the question: What does the CELL need?

The Burning Question now is: How do we know what to Provide Our Cells?

The 3 CELL Core Concepts Guide Us

3 CELL Core Concepts

The 3 CELL Core Concepts help us identify WHAT our CELLS need us to Provide them with. Starting with CELL Core Concept 1.

Close up of the insde of a model Cell Wording Cell Core Concept 1 of The Simple Self aCare Lifestyle


Our Cells are made up of Systems that DEPEND on each other.

Our Cells are made up of Systems. The Cell’s Systems interconnect and DEPEND on each other!

Sound familiar?

Yes! Core Concept 1: Our body is made up of systems that are integrated and dependent on each other.

How amazing is that!

Our Cells are made up of Systems.

The Cell’s Systems are called Organelles (literally miniature systems).

Just like our Body Systems, these mini-systems cross-talk, signaling to each other non-stop. They are dependent on each other, and their health determines the health of the cell.

The Cell that makes up our tissues that make up our organs that make up our Tissues that create our Body Systems that make our BODY.

Arrows pointing to and from the names of our body's systems showing how thry interconnect and depend on each other. Below is a 2nd image showing the Cells themselves have systems that depend on each other.

Healthy Organelles = Healthy Cell

A quick list of the Organelles (Miniature Systems of the CELL).

I think it’ll surprise you to find out how similar CELL mini systems are to our Body’s Systems and help you see our body is NOT too complicated for us to take good care of it.

Some CELL Systems

  • Nucleus: contain genetic material. It is the largest of the organelles and is identified as the reproductive organelle (system).
  • Mitochondria: produce the Cell’s energy.
  • Golgi complex: gathers simple molecules and combines them, making new big molecules. It then packages them in vesicles, where they either store for later use or send them out into the cell.
  • Cytoplasm: jelly-like substance giving the cell shape and a space for the organelles to survive and execute their jobs.
  • Cytoskeleton: the scaffolding that connects all parts of the cell. It keeps the cell from collapsing. It has multiple functions, just like our body’s skeletal scaffolding; it participates in transporting molecules, coordinates information, and regulates genetic expression…
  • The membrane: is the system of the cell which gives boundaries; protection, just like our integumentary system, and it ALSO acts as a nervous system evaluating and making decisions dependent on its extracellular environment.

The gist.

The Cell’s Systems possess functional equivalents to our Body Systems.

This means there is an organelle (mini CELL system) that functions as

  • a nervous system,
  • digestive system,
  • respiratory system,
  • excretory system,
  • endocrine system,
  • muscle and skeletal systems,
  • circulatory system,
  • integumentary system,
  • reproductive system and
  • even primitive immune system.

I hope this is encouraging. It helped me dispel the falsehood that my body was too complicated to optimize.

It’s not.

While our CELLS are certainly magical and amazing, they aren’t some mystical thing that’s too complicated to figure out how to care for.

Moving on to CELL Core Concept 2. Just as CELL Core Concept 1 is similar to Core Concept 1, CELL Core Concept 2 is similar to Core Concept 2.

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The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

CELL Core Concept 2 is similar to Core Concept 2.

Knowing WHAT rules in an organism SIMPLIFIES HOW to care for it in a way that Optimizes the Biological Terrain.

When it comes to the CELL Organism’s Hierarchy, it is the CELL Membrane that rules!

Cells have a Hierarchy. Cell Membranes Rule!


Our CELLs have a Hierarchy. CELL Membranes Rule!

Our body has a Hierarchy, and it’s the CELLS that RULE. The CELLULAR Organism has a Hierarchy, and it’s the CELL MEMBRANE that Rules!

Without CELLS, the Human Organism cannot exist.
Without CELL MEMBRANES, CELLS cannot exist.

The Cell CANNOT exist without its Membrane!

In our CELL Organism, full of integrated systems, none of these systems can exist without the MEMBRANE.

What does the Membrane do?

  • The membrane gives the cell shape and a way to transport the things it needs into the cell. It also transports things it wants out of the cell out.
  • A strong, SUPPLE membrane Protects the mini-systems inside of it. It can better handle insults like toxins that try to make their way inside our cells.
  • The cell membrane communicates! Interacting non-stop with our other cells. Cells communicate with each other via their Membranes!

3 Core Concepts guided us to the fact that WE are 100% dependent on our CELLS.

Now the 3 CELL Core Concepts help us see that the CELLS that we are dependent on are 100% dependent on the health and resilience of their Membranes.

The CELLS that we are dependent on are
100% dependent on the health and resilience of their Membranes.

The Cell Membranes determine the Resiliency of the Cells.

Resilient CELLs create Resilient Tissues.

Tissues that are resilient create Resilient Organs that create Resilient Body Systems.

An OPTIMIZED BIOLOGICAL TERRAIN, our 1 GOAL is dependent on Resilient Systems.


Healthy Cell Membrane = Healthy Cells = Healthy You.

The Cells RESILIENCE DEPENDS on the integrity of its membrane.


The CELL membrane rules in the CELL Organism hierarchy. A resilient MEMBRANE will help to Provide for and Protect the Systems inside the CELL.

The FOCUS on Cell Membranes helps us Provide and Protect them.

Simplified, this means when we can answer YES to the question:

Does x, y, or z Provide or Protect my Cell Membrane?

We can confidently choose Good Self Care Micro Decisions that bring us closer to our 1 Goal of Optimizing Our Biological Terrain.

It’s that straightforward.

Q: Does this item or action Provide and/or Protect my Cell/Cell membrane?

Does this item or action Provide and/or Protect my Cell/Cell membrane?

To know if it’ll help Provide or Protect the Cell Membrane, I do two things.

1. I run through a checklist. (I teach this checklist to integrative practitioners as Let’s help clients make their cells S.M.I.L.E.) and

2. I evaluate if the item, the thought, or the action Adds to or Reduces the Cell’s exposure to a Toxin(s).

(Each Post, Tip, Tool, Product, and Program on The Simple Self Care Lifestyle contributes to one or more of the S.M.I.L.E. checklist and always Reduces Toxins.)

1. Helping our CELL Membrane S.M.I.L.E.

Checklist: Does x, y, or z contributes positively to the CELL Membrane by providing or protecting its:

  • Structure: Does it Provide or Protect the raw materials the Cell needs for its scaffolding?
  • Machinery: Provide or Protect its ability to efficiently and effectively transfer things in and out.
  • Information: Provide or Protect the Cell Membrane’s ability to communicate with other cells.
  • Layers: Provide or Protect optimal ratios of Cholesterol, Saturated, Unsaturated Fats, and Protein molecules that together form a supple barrier better able to handle insults such as toxins.
  • Energy Source: Does it Provide or Protect the Membrane helping it to maintain the cellular balance of contents used for its source of energy?

2. Reducing Toxins

Reducing Toxins Provides and Protects the CELL Membrane in soooo many ways.

It is one of the fastest ways I know to IMMEDIATELY and exponentially Protect the integrity of your CELL Membrane.

REDUCING Toxins that you place on and in your body as well as REDUCING Toxins in your HOME, is Self Care that provides a HUGE WIN to our Cells.

This is such a big win for everyone interested in Self Care that I’ve dedicated two categories to Reducing Toxins. 1. Reducing Toxins on and in Our Body. 2. Reducing Toxins in Our Home * which end up in our bodies too, but they improve the wellness of the entire household.

Post category

Reduce Toxins

Swap out everyday products

Post category

Healthy Home

Simple Swaps for Your Home

Reducing Toxins is always a Good Micro Decision

This is not only beneficial to your body but for EVERYONE living with you. Family, pets, visitors, and children, children, children benefit by reducing toxins!

This is because their bodies are so much littler, but handling a household toxin at the same exposure level as ours. This means toxins can have a greater impact on them.

Reducing and, where possible, eliminating Toxins is an EASY WIN.

Just like the Swapping Your Salt example, SIMPLE SELF CARE SWAPS Protect your CELLS, Protect Your CELL Membranes and add up quickly, exponentially, positively impacting your Biological Terrain.

An Optimized Cell Membrane = Resilient Cell

As with our overall Biological Terrain, the more the Cell Membrane is OPTIMIZED, the more resilient it is. The more resilient it is, the more able it is optimally function and handle insults.

The more the Cell Membrane can handle insults, the better position it is in to build Optimized Tissues.

Optimized Tissues will be the foundation of more resilient Organs– the Organs that make up our 11 Body Systems.

We’ve arrived at a very concise FOCUS: Provide for and Protect our CELL Membranes.

To SIMPLIFY how to make a GOOD Micro Decision, we can take it down to 1 Question:

Is this x, y, or z Providing something to support my Cell/Cell Membrane or offer Protection? If yes, it’s an easy decision to implement x, y, z.

Is this: x, y, or z Providing or Protecting my Cell/Cell’s Membrane? If yes, awesome. If no, I need to decide what I want to do about it.

If NO, you can weigh the value x, y, or z and make your informed decision.

It is all up to YOU!

It is 100% up to you!

Just as in the 3 Core Concepts, the 3 CELL Core Concepts lead us to the SAME empowering fact. We are KING! We decide everything about what goes onto and into our bodies.

It’s YOU that’s KING.

Baby positioned on its belly with both hands holding its head that has a crown. You are King

Your Micro Decisions are what ultimately make your Cell and Cell Membranes resilient (or not).

CELL Core Concept 3


Cell Membranes Rule, but YOU are Still King!

As King, you now know the way to filter your Micro Decisions.

You know it’s best to TREND toward making Good Micro Decisions that Provide for and Protect your Cells/Cell Membranes.

Having a pool of GOOD Micro Decision Information in posts, Tips, Tools, Products, and Programs on The Simple Self Care Lifestyle will make that SIMPLER for you. ONE Good Micro Decision at a time.

The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

Each and every POST on The Simple Self Care Lifestyle revolves around providing the Information, Tips, Tools, Products, and Programs that Provide and Protect the cell and its membrane.

Anything you gravitate to on the site will be a Good Self Care Micro Decision.

Layering another and another SIMPLE Self Care Micro Decision will support your CELL Membranes, their overall Resilience, and Biological Terrain.

Your resilient cells will make up the tissues that make up the organs that make up the systems that make up YOU!–

With The Simple Self Care Lifestyle, you’ll always be on track, setting yourself up, leveraging, and layering 1 Good Micro Decision after another. Incrementally OPTIMIZING your TERRAIN in a way that helps you feel better, look better, and live better than ever imagined!!


and I look forward to supporting your Self Care.

My email: [email protected]

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