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Nutrition is at the very core of our ability to OPTIMIZE our Body.

Our Cells that make up the Tissues that make up our Organs that create our Body’s Systems depend on the Nutrition we provide them. First, it is critical that we provide our cells with the raw materials needed to have a strong and supple membrane.

Because without a strong, supple membrane, our cell is compromised.

Having the FOCUS on the Cell Membrane first helps us understand WHY we need to include Good Fats, Good Proteins, and Good Carbohydrates. In the Micro Decisions Post we covered how our cell membrane needs the raw materials from these foods so it can create the:

Structure, Machinery, Information, Layers, & Energy to survive and thrive.

Macro Nutrients

Good Fats, Good Proteins, and Good Carbohydrates are called Macro Nutrients, and it is up to us to find and consume the sources and ratios that work for our own bio-individual body.

Multiple Nutrients

There are MULTIPLE Nutrients our body needs, and we will explore them in our posts. Also, in the Nutrition Category Posts, I will share what the body doesn’t need. TOXINS in our Food is an example of what we don’t need. There are easy swaps so you can avoid them. Like using lead and plastic-free salt.

Self Care Nutrition

The 1 GOAL, 1 FOCUS, 1 Micro Decision at a Time posts map out how important Reducing Toxins is to every single Health, Wellness, and/or Fitness goal you have.

Self Care doesn’t have to be complex. As a matter of fact, it is often the SIMPLEST Self Care actions that reap EXPONENTIAL RESULTS!

THe simple self care lifestyle


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The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

The Simple Self Care Lifestyle