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Quality Food Sources

also Free of Gluten, Soy, Corn, Mango & Dairy.

Lead & Plastic Free Salts: Link 🔗 to Salt Post

4 cups of salt on a white surface. Each a different color(type) of salt. Words: identify each type of salt

Salt: What to Know. How to Choose.

Is Sea Salt better than Table Salt? How to Choose Salt without Lead or plastic in it. Unfortunately, even high-end salts need to be checked. Here are 2 of the best brands.

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Small Amounts BIG Benefits

Cooking Oil Moderate High Heat: 350

One Of Worlds Healthiest Foods: Link 🔗 to FLAX Post

Fruit Snacks

Bliss Mini Fruit Packs are Perfect! Perfectly sweet, perfectly sized. Great on the go! They are so great they are often out of stock– but check back if they are.

Each company listed certifies (GF) Gluten Free.


Post Link 🔗: Plastic in Your Tea Bags!?! YUP! Billions of micro-nano particles PER Cup!

Buddha Teas Non-Toxic Tea Bags (No Plastic)

If you want to have the convenience of a tea bag instead of loose Buddha is the only brand I know that is plastic free. Link to Buddha on Amazon.

Links to Buddha on Fullscripts: Click any Buddha image and you can search the additional teas on the site. (As a Simple Self Care Lifestyle reader you receive 15% off).

Order supplements through my Fullscript store.

There are plenty more on the Fullscript site. It is where I shop most to save on all my supplements and many household products.

Loose Tea: Organic

Golden Moon Teas: 🔗 My choice for Loose-leaf teas.

Some of my favorites:

High Quality Food that Ships to You

My quarterly organic berry and organic nut order

Berries, Nuts…

is from Northwestern Wild Foods. Another fabulous resource.

My bi-annual order of grass-fed pasture raised


of Bison & Lamb…ships to me from Yankee farmer’s Market

Another Quality Meat Source: Local

If you are in Massachusetts or passing through. I highly recommend stopping by Sutter Meats. Their meats, bone broths,… are amazing! I have out-of-towner’s who pre-order and bring a cooler. My regular order includes plenty of duck, turkey, lamb, chicken, lamb bone broth, (ground for my dogs)…

I will continue to add to the Quality Food Sources list for you…

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