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Shop for your home by choosing non-toxic products. SIMPLE swaps have HUGE benefits! Ready to replace items in your home? Find healthy home options here. * If product images are missing, try switching to the CHROME browser.

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I’ll continue to add NON-TOXIC KITCHEN PRODUCTS as posts are written, including Small appliances, Cookware, Food storage, and whole house and under Sink WATER FILTERS.

Non-Toxic Kitchen


Sponges, Pan Scraper, Scrubber, Veggie Brushes

Reduce Toxins you are exposed to

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Non-toxic Simple Tools to Clean Pots & Pans

Bamboo Sponges and Veggie Brush


Cutting Board Options

Reduce Toxins you are exposed to

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Bamboo Cutting Boards & Oil

Marble Cutting Boards, Parchment

Wooden Cutting Boards

I will add as I find resources that fulfill the Non-toxic requirements

Soaps and Non-Toxic Disinfectants


Tea Kettle/Brewing Pots

Reduce Toxins you are exposed to


Plastic in your Teabag!

YUP! Billions nano-particles per cup!

Buddha Teas Non-Toxic Tea Bags (No Plastic)

If you want to have the convenience of tea bags Buddha is the only brand I know that is plastic-free. Link to Buddha on Amazon. OR get 15% off as a Simple Self Care Lifestyle reader:

Order supplements through my Fullscript store.

Also on the Quality Food Sources page, I have multiple Buddha tea images that’ll take you to Fullscripts where you can receive 15% off. (BTW as a Simple Self Care Lifestyle Subscriber on Fullscripts you receive 15% off- always every day on every product.)

Non-Toxic Laundry

Non-Toxic GF, CF, SF

Laundry options

that work!

Bedroom & Bath

We spend 1/3 of our day in Bed. What you sleep on makes a difference.

Bedding & Bath Links

Brand: Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth produces its viscose from organically farmed and wild-harvested bamboo that is grown without the use of pesticides. Cozy Earth products are free of toxins and harsh chemicals.

Jan 2023


(Temperature-regulating bamboo)

Mattress Protector

(Temperature-regulating bamboo)

Towel Set

(FULL SET for 2)


(Wonderful in Sauna)

Items only available on Cozy Earth:

There are more Cozy Earth items for you to explore. Those I have listed are items I’ve invested in and can say I am 100% happy with.

Home Air Quality


100% Non-Toxic


Non-Toxic Candle Links

Quality Non-Toxic 100% Beeswax Candles

Home Air Purifier

How Scent / toxins

Get Into and Impact our Body

The Home Filter I use

I have used the Alen Filter Company Air Purifiers for a couple of decades. They are an amazing company. After 15 years two of my large filters suddenly stopped. Alen offered to replace both filters per their agreement for being on their auto ship program. The Alen air purifiers have helped my family and many, many of my clients and my practitioner’s clients. I highly recommend them.

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