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The 1 Self Care Goal is: Optimize Your Biological Terrain.

Optimizing Your Biological Terrain sounds complex, but it isn’t.

Each post on The Simple Self Care Lifestyle website I’m building for you provides the information, products, tips, tools, and programs that support replenishing & optimizing your bio-individual terrain!

And when you find out how optimizing your terrain makes every other health, wellness & fitness goal achievable- it SIMPLIFIES everything!

When you find out how achieving the 1 GOAL of Optimzing Your Terrain makes every other health, wellness & fitness GOAL achievable- it SIMPLIFIES everything.


The SIMPLE Self Care EQUATION that gets results:

 1 Focus + Micro-Decisions = OPTIMIZED TERRAIN (The 1 Goal).

Gets results!

The End Goal of Self Care is this 1 Goal.

While the end goal of Self Care is to achieve our own bio-individual optimized terrain – we place our Focus on it FIRST because learning about its value helps us break the habit of chasing one quick fix, plan, diet, and wellness regime after another that, ultimately can be the very thing(s) that’s holding us back.

1 Goal Focus shifts habits & sheds light

Focusing on the 1 Goal first also helps shed light on the fact that it is not a ‘lack‘ of willpower or motivation keeping us from achieving our goals.

Optimizing Our Terrain First

Optimizing our terrain first is the key to achieving all our goals because every goal we have is either helped or hindered by our present terrain status. An Optimized Terrain helps. A Suboptimal Terrain hinders.

Optimizing our terrain first is the key to achieving all our goals because every goal we have is either helped or hindered by our present terrain status. An Optimized Terrain helps. A Suboptimal Terrain hinders.

An Example

If, for instance, your goal is to improve your metabolism and you have underlying inflammation, every ‘plan’ you try will be a struggle and feel even harder to maintain.

This is because the body is set up to release body fat stores for fuel ONLY when specific conditions are met.

Your Body is Set Up to Protect You

This setup is a protection mechanism. You see, inflammation signals to the body that you need time to heal, so it kindly slows down its willingness to release your body fat stores to be used as fuel.

Slowing the release of body fat stores provides you with time to rest and heal because slowing your metabolism means you can take a break from having to go hunt down food. It’s helping you survive. Then when you heal, and the inflammation is resolved, your body recognizes your Terrain is once again Optimized.

When your Terrain is Optimized, the specific conditions for your body to use fat stores as fuel are much easier to meet– much more frequently. Your body willingly releases stored body fat for use as fuel more often, helping you achieve your goal efficiently and effectively.

Woman named mo pointing at a model cell of our body Illustrating teaching of the body

To Lose Body Fat Part 1

To lose body fat, your body must be set up to use body fat as its fuel.

Not only will your metabolism goal be easier, but FOCUSING on the 1 GOAL of OPTIMIZING your Terrain will make all other goals easier to achieve simultaneously.

Exponential Payoff

I often refer to this as an exponential payoff and frequently point it out in posts. To get this exponential payoff, we leverage and layer our Micro Decisions, starting with the ones that Optimize Our Biological Terrain FIRST.

When we leverage the way the body works and layer our good Micro Decisions, we set our body up to more efficiently and effectively achieve ALL our goals and more than we ever imagined!

Todays Simple Self Care Tip

Optimizing Our Terrain is the Setup

Let’s get to know the 1 GOAL of Optimizing Our Terrain a bit better, starting with:

A few of the many benefits the 1 GOAL provides:

  • The time and effort expended to find the ‘quick’ fixes will be regained.
  • Our brain space increases, and in turn, so does our sense of joy.
  • Motivation is cultivated, helping us form the life-changing habits that eluded us.
  • Goals that we previously struggled with respond more efficiently and effectively to our efforts.

Shifting your FOCUS toward achieving the 1 Goal of Optimizing Your Terrain opens up your life in a way that gives you more timebrain space, and joy.

Womand hand holding a clock . The Words more Time, Brain space and Joy.

It is a very exciting thing!

Something else that is really cool and happens when you are focused on the optimization of your terrain and using more and more good micro decisions is there will be a distinct moment when you recognize you shifted; you feel different, you look different. You are living differently, all in a good way.

An Example

One quick example of a shift from my own experience.

When I shifted my focus to the 1 Goal of Optimizing My Terrain, something that COMPLETELY changed for me was waking up. I put a lot of effort into waking early and always looked for a new ‘thing to do’ that would make it easier.

One of the ‘things’ I did was adhere to a wake-up time. I didn’t ‘feel better’ by waking early, but at least I could get up without guilt that I wasted half the day.

Plus, sleeping in later did nothing to change the difficulty I had when it came to getting up. Since sleeping in didn’t have an upside for me, I routinized getting up. Starting in junior high school, I got out of bed at six. No more thinking about it; just get out of bed each day at six. This routine made it easy for me to recognize my first shift.

My First Shift

Approximately three or four months into focusing on optimizing my terrain, I distinctly remember simply waking up. No alarm; I just woke up and felt like getting up. My immediate thought was, ‘Wow, this is strange. I am not tired, achy, or foggy.

It was such an anomaly for me that I can still recall the exact moment I sat up and thought

Is this how others feel when they wake up? This is mind-blowing. All these years, THIS is how I could have felt when waking up!!!”

Wow, this is strange. I am not tired, achy, or foggy. This is mind-blowing all these years THIS is how I could have felt waking up!!!”

I had NO idea I could wake up feeling this way! To say I was shocked is an understatement. I thought everyone struggled and needed a long hot shower and some stimulant to get themselves going. What an eye-opener.

Months Later

Months later, still waking up feeling alert, refreshed, and with a rosier outlook, my ability to eat breakfast shifted. Having an aversion to eating breakfast was another goal of mine to ‘fix’. I was always on the lookout for the ‘thing’ that’d remedy it. Then it happened. Another distinct moment where I recognized a shift. I recall thinking- huh, I feel like eating something for breakfast.

As months continued to pass with my improved wake-sleep cycle and newly established routine of eating breakfast, yet another shift became noticeable my metabolism improved!

You see where I am going here. I was feeling better and different aspects of my LIFE were getting better on many levels—all by incorporating one good micro decision at a time.

The Micro Decisions are the SIMPLE Focused Actions I share in each post.

Todays Simple Self Care Tip

The information part of the post explains how our body is set up to work; the Micro Decisions are the actions, tips, and tools that support the topic of that post, along with references, resources, and products to save you all the time, trial, and error.

The NO Quick Fix Route Ended Up Being Faster!

Initially, I was begrudgingly thinking that optimizing my biological terrain would slow me down, but here I was, achieving my goals with SIMPLE changes! I was getting exponential results!

By staying focused on the Micro Decisions that would achieve the One Goal of Optimizing My Terrain, I achieved some of the other goals that I had been spending my time and efforts seeking out and trying. The three changes I shared with you were just a few of many that seemed to ‘all of a sudden‘ shift.

The reality is ‘all of a sudden shifts are not what was happening. It was the exponential results that were naturally occurring when consistently making one good micro decision after another. I had formed healthy habits!

My terrain was becoming more and more optimized; my entire body was being positively impacted. Other things that I previously struggled with were incrementally improving as a byproduct of focusing on my 1 Goal of Optimizing my Biological Terrain. (Subscribers share some of their results here)

The Shift is Wonderful, and yet there is more…

The shift is wonderful, and yet there is more. Along with this shift, another beautiful thing happens. We begin to more efficiently and more effectively achieve other goals that we never imagined we could go after.

As I focused on optimizing my terrain, I would periodically return to that thought of wow– I did not know I could feel even better.

And so it went year in and year out. The goals I struggled with before became more accessible and easier to achieve. Changing my weight to a healthier one happened! Going to the bathroom ‘well’ happened. I was balancing my mood and menstrual cycles (from being excruciatingly painful and keeping me on the couch two days a month to being a breeze). The need to undergo more surgery to cut out growths and tumors eliminated. I was able to slowly wean my body off its need to be supported by medications. Bouts of anxiety G-O-N-E! The list was loooong.

Laser Focused on the 1 Goal of Optimizing My Terrain is why I feel better today heading into my 7th decade of life than I did in my third decade.

This Shift is Not Unique to Me

This ‘shift‘ experience is not unique to me. Over the decades, clients repeatedly would be just as surprised as I was by how optimizing their biological terrain using one good micro decision after another shifted how their entire body was working.

Those around them noticed too!- Yet another perk!

YOUR Self Care Lifestyle can’t help but trickle down and out, positively impacting your family, friends, and coworkers.

This is because when you feel better, you look better. When you feel and look better, you move through life differently, and as a result, YOU LIVE better!

Subscribers to The Simple Self Care Lifestyle share some of their unexpected Self Care Results on the RESULTS page.

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How to Think About An Optimized Terrain

Initially, to help grasp what an optimized terrain was, I used this photo and anecdote for clarity on what I was doing. As I began presenting the One Goal of Optimizing the Biological Terrain to others, I used this same image/anecdote and was often told it was very helpful when it came to understanding and staying focused on the concept. I hope it does the same for you.

2 landscapes the one on Right dry and in poor condition the one on left lush and well cared for. 1 goal is to care for your Terrain so it is resilient

Two Terrains

Both terrains pictured above are similar: they have grass, trees, air, and space.

One has what it needs to flourish the other has what it needs to get by. The status of any terrain develops over time.

The terrain that has the ‘right’ amount of what it needs slowly becomes more and more resilient. The other that is gradually being depleted of what it needs is less and less resilient.

Now let’s envision ONE lit match thrown onto EACH terrain.

The EXACT Same Insult Different Results

The exact same insult, one lit match, will cause widely different outcomes. We all know what the outcomes will be.

The resilient terrain that has had what it needs over a long period of time, will snuff the match out in a few seconds. The repair of damage, if any, will be quick.

The terrain with reduced resilience, due to a lack of what it needs OVER a long period of time, will most likely go up in flames the moment the match touches the dry ground.

Just one unfortunate incident and the suboptimal terrain will have sustained damage that could take years to bounce back from. Plus, while it is struggling to recover, it will NOT be useful to the many creatures dependent on it.

– This last line about not being available to other creatures is to emphasize YOUR Self Care is a gift you give to others. It is NOT selfish.

The Future is Also Impacted

The resilient terrain will continue to grow and flourish. It will also be much easier for it to achieve more. Let’s say now we want more shade; we plant more trees, and the plantings will be able to quickly take root and successfully grow. The new growth will provide additional shade as well as help protect erosion from heavy storms. Goal accomplished.

The same goal of wanting to plant new trees for additional shade on the less resilient terrain that sustained greater damage from the insult will not succeed. All its resources are being used to recover from the initial insult. The new plantings will struggle to survive.

It is similar for us. Resilience Matters.

Increasing Our Resilience

To increase our resilience, we begin by focusing first on the 1 GOAL of OPTIMIZING OUR TERRAIN. We provide our body with what it needs to replenish any deficiencies.

Then once replenished, we optimize so we have a reserve. The resilient terrain we create will enable us to weather the bad (cause sh*t happens) and be able to excel at achieving our other goals effectively and efficiently.

P.O.P. Providing, Optimizing, Protecting

Providing, Optimizing, and Protecting Your Body’s Terrain is exactly what each post on The Simple Self Care Lifestyle supports.

Optimized biological terrain = Resilience = Living Well!

Having an optimized biological terrain increases your resilience

Increased resilience is precisely what helps you to feel, look and live better than you ever imagined.

With increased resilience, you avoid getting sick easily. When you do get sick, you rebound faster. You reduce and eliminate aches and pains; digestion works; you recover more quickly from workouts; your metabolism balances, and so do mood, hormones, and anxiety.

YOU thrive and move through life’s stages more vibrantly. All stages, from the initial growth stage, through adolescence- (for women), pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, menopause-… and, for all of us, the graceful aging process.

We move through life’s stages, thriving in each due to the expanded HEALTH span our RESILIENCE (created by the optimized biological terrain) provides us.

Getting An Optimized Terrain

An optimized biological terrain is the result of placing your Focus on making 1 Good Micro Decision after another. 

A GOOD Micro Decision provides your body with what it needs. The Simple Self Care Blog Posts are a go-to resource for you to choose one good Micro Decision after another. Always at the ready for when you’d like to try out a new one.

It is truly that simple.

For me, the 1 GOAL: Optimizing my Biological Terrain provided me the clarity I needed to stay on track.

Throughout each day, I stayed focused on Self Care by asking myself this 1 question over and over and over: Is this going to help me optimize my terrain?

Does x, y, or z provide my body with what it needs to replenish and optimize my terrain?

As long as my ratio of YES was more than no, I was trending in the right direction!

Is this going to help me optimize my terrain?
Does x, y, or z provide my body with what is needed to replenish and optimize my terrain?

The 1 Goal SIMPLIFIED everything and was the beginning of my ability to make Self Care choices that ultimately blossomed into sustainable Self Care habits that created The Self Care Lifestyle I wanted.

Achieving the 1 Goal: Optimizing My Terrain is 100% how my body recovered and became resilient, enabling me to thrive. Resilience helped EVERY part of my life improve.

We’ve got the l GOAL: Optimizing The Biological Terrain down. The next part of the equation is KNOWING WHAT to FOCUS on to Optimize our Terrain and WHY.



Remember: OPTIMIZED BIOLOGICAL TERRAIN sounds complex, but it is NOT.

There is nothing about your body that is too difficult for you to understand. That was one of the most frustrating things about my care when I sought out counsel.

Everyone had a ‘plan’. Just take this or do that. I wanted to know why, and how it would address the root cause. The phrase I most often heard was- ‘It’s complicated’.

Drilling down to 3 Core Concepts and 3 Cell Core Concepts helped me ‘uncomplicate things’ so I knew where to place my FOCUS. We visit that next!

Your Body is NOT too’ complicated

It’s YOUR body! Don’t believe that it’s too complicated for you to care for. Everything can be simplified to a degree where we can learn & understand how to make the best self-care decisions for our bodies.

Believing this often leads us to hand over how we care for ourselves to someone else too easily. Most of the time, we end up pushing symptoms down when it takes GOING after the root cause(s) to Optimize OUR Body’s Terrain.

Helping our body heal and then thrive is honestly simpler than we have been led to believe.

If you find something on The Simple Self Care Lifestyle you feel I have not simplified enough, let me know. I am open to trying again.


How do we know what will optimize our terrain so we can answer the questions:

  • Is this going to help me optimize my terrain?
  • Does x, y, or z provide my body with what it needs to replenish and optimize my terrain?

That’s where the Core Concepts of Self Care come in.

The 3 Core Concepts & Cell Core Concepts show us the way. The Core Concepts give us clarity so making good MICRO DECISIONS is easy peasy.

Ready to go there next!?

the Core COncepts Bring us to

1 Focus

The Core Concepts lead us to our 1 FOCUS that everything on The Simple Self Care Lifestyle is based on,

The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

I’m glad you are here…

THe simple self care lifestyle

helps us focus!