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Self-Care Common Conditions that impact everyday life. Fatty Liver, Pain, Indigestion, Incontinence… Info, tips, tools & actions to help are what you’ll find on The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

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The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

Self Care Common Conditions

When it comes to common conditions, especially those that affect your daily life, the best way to work out the root cause is by taking one simple focused action at a time. It is what gets results, true results the fastest.

To address common conditions, it is important to first understand the way the body is set up to work. The 3 Core Concepts and 3 Cell Core Concepts SIMPLIFY it for us down to 1 Goal, 1 Focus and 1 Micro Decision at a time.

1 Goal, 1 Focus and 1 Micro

THe simple self care lifestyle


Knowing them makes it easier to identify where the best support to resolve Common Conditions.

Let’s take a COMMON example: Stress induced anxiety. We are often told to find ways to reduce it our stress. The most common advice is to delegate tasks, set boundaries, do something fun for ourselves.

The unfortunate reality is that this is often not practical. What is practical is leveraging the way the body is set up to work so we can support the body’s stress response.

There is a Practical Way to Support Body

One such technique is the 4-7-8 breathing I layer on a 2nd which is tongue placement. Both together = exponential results in the same 60 sec. I layer yet another technique of specific music that calms the nervous system. It’s passive and you can fall asleep each night letting it do your stress reduction.

These 3 Micro Decisions Cost Nothing! Take NO Time out of your day!

The 3 Micro Decisions above do not eliminate your stressors but they act to reduce stress’s impact on the body. They can fit in any where even while you sleep and costs nothing! Now that’s powerful.

The Micro Decision cascade their benefits throughout the body and this is because of Core Concept 1 I share in 1 FOCUS post.

Bottom line:

Self-care is not a one-time fix but a continuous practice of Micro Decisions. My goal is to be your Self Care Resource where there is always a Micro Decision at the ready for you to grab and implement.

All posts on The Simple Self Care Lifestyle support the root causes of common conditions. I share how that works in the 1 GOAL. The Common Conditions posts help take you one step further with simple focused actions for the specific condition.

The Simple Self Care Lifestyle