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Sleep and Get Results.

Fall asleep and get results. One subscriber shares: “It’s so SIMPLE that it’s fascinating that the Fall Asleep videos produce results”: Users share some of their Simple Self Care Results HERE.

Fall asleep to soft serene voice guiding you through a simple relaxation. Smoothly transitioning to soothing sound to carry you through a restful sleep. Another Simple Self Care tool helping you balance your busy life.

Videos to Improve Sleep & Reduce Chronic Stress

Sleep with Rain begins with 3-min of guided 4-7-8 breathing & progressive relaxation. The sound of heavy rain 🌧lulls you to sleep. Enjoy 8 hours of restorative 💤 sleep. Black ◼️ Screen at 10 min mark.

9-Hour Soothing SLEEP: Guided relaxation ⏰ 9 hrs of 🌧 Rain + Piano Soothes you. Slip into a deep, relaxing 💤 sleep. Music goes 🤫 progressively quieter. Black ◼️ Screen at 1 min mark.

9-Hour Relax→SLEEP 😴 Calm your mind. RELAX your body. DRIFT into a DEEP, RELAXED, SLEEP. Use 😴 for 90 days to help set your body up to achieve your goals.

9- Hour SLEEP: 4 guided 🧘🏽‍♀️ breaths. 9 hrs of soothing 🎼 music carry you through until morning. Reduce body TENSION throughout your day-▶️ Play on low at home or office.

30 Min PM CALM Bedtime Ritual for you & your children. Help them build this Simple Self Care Habit for a lifetime of better sleep 🛌 4 guided breaths to self-soothe/30 min Calm music. Perfect for transitioning to fall asleep. Breathe together then Play it in the background while reading a favorite story.


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