the simple self care lifestyle

90 days 5 Simple Exercises

Introduction Video on WHY these 5 exercises.

Instructional and Informative videos to guide each exercise.

Weekly instructional & routine videos for advancement.

Tracking sheets & measurement pdfs to follow your progress.

The 3-month series videos & PDFs.

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90 days 5 Simple Exercises TIP:

Try Tracking your Body signals to catch improvements that might fly under the radar. See other subscriber RESULTS to see how helpful it can be to really know how every part of your body is feeling. Measurement and 90 Calendar PDFs are also BELOW.

Have an AB Separation?

Woman lying on back as her female practitioner places her hand to check abs. 3 Arrows point to areas of the abs to check for separations

AB Separation: What is it, Who Gets it, How to Check for it.

Feel Better, Look Better, Live Better!

The Torso of a Woman with her hands on her hips. Nails have red nail polish

Exercise for Recti Diastasis

Feel Better, Look Better, Live Better!

Week 1

Informational & Instructional Videos and Related Posts

Videos and related posts that cover the WHY and How to do the Initial Exercises. These exercises are brought together in the first-week routine and then slowly advance over the weeks.


Week 2



Week 3



Week 4 + 5


Routine (WEEK 4)

Weeks 5 – 8

Routine (WEEK 5 – 8)

Individual Advancing Info/Instruction

Weeks 9 – 12

Weeks 9 – 12

More video tools that support your Self Care and MOTIVATE you behind the scenes – passively. 

Wondering how the SOUND can be doing something – passively. 

Here’s how your Sense of🦻🏻 Hearing the right SOUNDS Motivates, Relaxes, and Energizes. SIMPLE ways of Self Care are effective. Our body is AMAZING!!! Incorporating passive ways to reduce your stress ☀️ Day & Night 😴 make Self Care SIMPLE.



THe simple self care lifestyle


The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

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