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HPA Axis. How it Works

The HPA axis (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis) is one of our body systems that regulate bodily functions. A few quick examples of what the HPA Axis regulates:

  • our stress response,
  • immune function,
  • mood, and
  • energy/metabolism.

The HPA axis comprises three main components:

H = the Hypothalamus,

P = the Pituitary gland, and

A = the Adrenal glands.

3 Organs HPA Axis impact Incontinence urge ED Back issues

The (H) hypothalamus is a small area located at the base of the brain that acts as a control center for the HPA axis. It receives signals from various parts of the brain and the body to determine whether the body is under stress or not.

We are FOCUSING on The Stress Response

All the above items I listed-

  • our stress response,
  • immune function,
  • mood, and
  • energy/metabolism.

will benefit from how we are approaching balancing our HPA Axis.

To SIMPLIFY HOW the HPA Axis works and how rebalancing it benefits us, let’s look at a simplified explanation of our Stress Response.

How the Stress Response Works (Simplified)

When the (H) hypothalamus detects a stressor, it releases a hormone into the bloodstream, which travels to the (P) pituitary glands located just below the hypothalamus.

The (P) pituitary gland responds to this hormone by releasing another hormone into the bloodstream.

That hormone then travels to the (A) adrenal glands, which are located on top of the kidneys.

1. H detected something is stressing you and releases a hormone that signals P.

2. P gets the hormone message and releases its own hormone into the bloodstream.

3. A receives the hormone message P sent out and releases a hormone called cortisol- to help cope with YOUR STRESS HORMONE.

(A) Adrenals and Cortisol Hormone

The (A) adrenal glands respond to the hormone by releasing cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that helps the body cope with stress.

Cortisol regulates various functions in the body, including:

  • blood sugar levels,
  • immune function, and
  • metabolism.

These are BIG players in our Body.

Balanced Blood Sugar, a balanced immune system, and an optimally working metabolism are huge players in how we feel. They are components that make or break our body’s ability to be an optimal terrain. Here’s a reminder image from The 1 GOAL Optimize Your Terrain to Achieve Your Health/Fitness Goals

2 landscapes the one on Right dry and in poor condition the one on left lush and well cared for. 1 goal is to care for your Terrain so it is resilient

Balancing HPA Axis Helps Optimize Our Body’s Terrain

Here’s HOW Balancing the HPA Axis FIRST helps to Optimize Our Terrain, our NUMBER 1 GOAL, exponentially.

Rebalancing HPA Axis FIRST

We have a resting stress level. When our resting stress level is high, we are chronically calling on our body to send out cortisol. To stop depleting our cortisol levels unnecessarily, we focus first on lowering our ‘resting’ stress level.

The lower our resting stress level is, the more reserve we have for our hormones to kick in and help prep our body to use the flee or fight from a new PERCEIVED threat. Conserving it for when we need it to help us calm things down.

A simplification of the OPTIMAL HPA Axis loop. Post-stressful event:

The Stressor is Gone:

  • The (H) hypothalamus stops releasing the hormone signaling stress
  • The (P) pituitary gland stops releasing its signal of stress.
  • The (A) adrenal glands stop producing cortisol, so
  • the body returns to its balanced state.

A Chronic Need of Circulating Cortisol is Avoided

If we constantly loop in a stress mode, we do not return to a balanced state. This chronic state places all our other systems under stress. Core Concepts 1 and 2 are in play here from the 1 FOCUS post.

Over we can exhaust our ability to rebalance. The result is that our overall terrain will be compromised. We know from our 1 Goal post it is Optimizing Our Terrain that helps us achieve EVERY OTHER GOAL WE HAVE more efficiently and effectively. it is the KEY to us feeling, looking, and living better.

The Action We Can Take

Support the (H) hypothalamus, the (P) pituitary gland, and the (A)adrenal glands in a way that strengthens them. Strengthening them means they will be less sensitive and less trigger-happy to jump into a state of full-on stress.

All Our Systems Benefit

Supporting our HPA Axis using the 3 Techniques below benefits all our systems exponentially.

We can also lose feelings of anxiety; gain a sense of calm like never before. The most beautiful thing about FOCUSING on The HPA Axis first is that it benefits every other body system, right down to our cells.

The 3 Techniques cost nothing and can be done passively. Informational and Instructional videos for you below. You can literally help reset your stress response as you fall asleep. No need to carve out extra time in your day. Let’s jump into using the tips and tools I have for you!

Give Yourself 90 Days

Read what subscribers share on the Results page after 90 days. Below I’ve added a tracking calendar for you making it easy to keep track. Fill out the Head to Toe Form too (also below). You will be happy you did!

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