Day Time Calm

Take a Moment: 1-min, 3-min & 4hrs of CALM

🎯 Focused Micro Actions work!

😱 You are busy, B-U-S-Y! Take☝🏼min⏱ for your sanity 🤗 EVERYONE is overwhelmed 😳 !?! 👉🏼 Here’s what to do. 🧘🏽‍♀️ 4-7-8 Breathing w/ 1 tongue technique. Together your entire nervous system calms.

⏱ 60 Sec of CALM 😊 Reduces Stress & Anxiety. We take a COUPLE of SLOW DEEP Breaths without any HOLDING. Different than the 4-7-8 technique but still effective. Interspersed throughout your☀️ day changes EVERYTHING!

3 Min 4-7-8 Breathing Guide with 1 tongue technique to 🧘🏽‍♀️Calm Your Mind & Relax Your Body. The extra 2 minutes allows us to begin with additional guided relaxation. Another round of 4-7-8 breathing fits as well. We use the most of every minute 🤗.

3 Min ⏱ of CALM LYING DOWN😊 so you can unwind and take a nap. The 4-7-8 technique brings you the CALM 😌 you need to regroup & recharge. Making another night out more enjoyable; another late business meeting more effective; Jet lag less problematic! Whatever the reason grab a nap & recharge.

😳 Sometimes it’s hard to fit☝🏼min in even when SIMPLE 👉🏼 Here’s what to do- Soothe frazzled nerves passively. Play quietly in the background at home/work. Signal 😌 your brain 🧠 –all is well. Improve Focus & sense of🧘🏽‍♀️calm throughout your day PASSIVELY.

ROUTINE Wake Up Happy! 😁 Start your day by taking a few moments right on the edge of your bed to Train Your Cortisol. This 4 Minute Animation combined with your 😴 SLEEP routine each night will optimize your happy hormones!

ROUTINE: Wake Up Happy 😁 & Neck/Back Pain Relief Train Your Spine’s Stability Muscle- Both Routines Back to Back.⏱ A few mins to warm up arms, head & neck – then the entire spine & diaphragm. Key to our core strength AMAZING!


90 Day Tracking sheet

More tools and how they work to support our nervous system and overall health.

Wake Up Happy

INFO: Wake Up Happy! 😁 Train Your Cortisol. You have much more influence than you think 😁 . This video is part of the ☀️ 52 Weeks of Self Care with mo. Research Shows Happy People Live Longer. 😁 Let’s get you Waking Up Happy!


Simple Self Care Tools to Reduce Our Body’s Stress

Your Sense of👃🏼 Smell Can Reduce Stress. This video is part of the 52 weeks of Self Care with mo. How scent fits into creating your Simple Self Care lifestyle along with safe scents to use.

Your Sense of🦻🏻 Hearing enables SOUNDS to Reduce Stress. Incorporating passive ways to reduce your stress can be amazingly effective & SIMPLE. ☀️ Day & Night 😴 tools make it easy.

Upcoming Video: Your Sense of Taste 👅Reduces Stress 😁

Harmony in Your Home during the Holidays. Use Sound as a Simple Self Care Tool.

Play ▶️ let the magic happen.


Piano Holiday Harmony in Your Home. Crackling fire visual with theta music layered below. Both Sight & Sound soothing your nervous system. Add SCENT for another layer of Simple Self Care (▶️ Scent video) (🌿 Scent Post with links) Want to know how it works 🔗 How Sound Reduces Stress video.


Guitar Holiday Harmony in Your Home. Calming visual snow falling lightly upon the park benches. Theta music layered below songs. Both Sound & Sight soothe the nervous system. Add SCENT for another layer of Self Care (▶️ Scent video)


5 Hours 30 minutes. Last Years Favorite compilation of Holiday Music. Uplifting while creating a sense of Calm, Focus & Harmony. Mix Visuals rotate & theta music is layered below. Both Sound & Sight soothe your nervous system. Add SCENT for another layer of Simple Self Care (▶️ Scent video)