Tone Abs & Butt. Release Your Back.


Abs, Butt and Back


Tone Abs & Butt with 3 Simple Self Care Tips woven into your day that get you results!

Before you try tip one take a second to move your head left and right.

Get a feel for the range of motion and any tension.


Great! Now try


Tip 1. Lift your rib cage

Tip 1 Lift Your Rib Cage to Tone Your Abs


Tip 1 is for your Abs

· Lift your rib cage up.

Whether you are;

  • sitting,
  • standing,
  • even walking.

while you are doing your everyday activities simply focus on the bottom of your rib cage and lift upward about an inch.


No need to over exaggerate. A little lift and you will feel your ab muscle become engaged.


A nice domino effect: Your mid/upper back gets in the action.

While you sit or move around with your rib cage lifted– move your head left and right again.

Do you feel how your head and neck have released a bit?

Isn’t that so cool!?!

This is why during the chair routines I emphasis sitting tall, tall, tall.

Your posture is positively impacted from head to toe when you lift that little bit.

Your abs get engaged and do more of the work they are meant to do like taking pressure off of your joints.

Done throughout the day– making this a habit while you:

  • sit at a desk,
  • take a walk,
  • drive,

it adds up!


To begin to weave this simple self care tip into your lifestyle choose a few specific activities or designated times to lift your rib cage while you go about your day.

Day in and day out– among the multitude of benefits – it tones your abs.

🎯 Tip 1. Throughout the day lift your rib cage.

Tip 2 Go up stairs 2 at a time.

Tone Ab and Butt


Tip 2

· Going up stairs 2 at a time tones your buttocks.

Engage your abs. Head up the stairs two at a time.

  • Maybe you do one step this way.
  • The next day 2.
  • Progressively work up the number of stairs you can climb 2 at a time.


No need to over do it. Know your body. Start with what works COMFORTABLY for your joints. Especially your knees.

Do you feel how your buttocks gets to engage?

How much it gets to work out with this simple change? Isn’t that just fascinating!

We can maintain and improve our fitness level throughout our day. Over time our Simple Self Care actions add up to a lifestyle. 😁

Done throughout the day making this a habit while you head up a flight of stairs adds up.

Day in and day out among the multitude of benefits – it tones your buttocks.

🎯 Tip 2. Throughout the day go up 2 stairs at a time.

Tip 3. Alternate resting one foot on a sturdy object that is a few inches high

Release your back.


Tip 3

· Alternating the resting of one foot on a sturdy object that is a few inches high releases your back.

By placing your one foot up a bit you release your lower back. So if you are standing doing dishes, standing at a desk or work bench…

  • Rest one foot on something sturdy that is a few inches high.


No need to have it higher than a few inches. When I stand at the kitchen counter cutting or washing vegetables I simply open the cupboard door and place a foot on the ledge.

At my standing desk, I have a silver planter pot (empty of course) turned over and I place my foot on that.

Give it a try. Do you feel how lifting your one foot and resting it just a few inches off the floor alleviates tension in your lower back?

Simple self care!

🎯 Tip 3. Alternate releasing your back throughout the day by resting one foot on a sturdy object a few inches off the ground.


Have a great day!


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