Dessert in 5 minutes including clean up!

“You can make a Dessert in 5 Minutes” is what I said to a client going to a picnic and fretting about what to bring.

Yeah Right– 5 minutes was her response.

So I timed how long it takes to make this SIMPLE, Delicious, Nutritious dessert. I made a video of the process and sent it to her.

3 1/2 minutes is all it took. 5 minutes included clean up! 😁


And the reaction to her dessert: “mo, everyone, especially the kids wanted their own ‘fruit bowl’ they kept refilling it. It was a hit!

Looking for another dessert that is simple yet a bit more decadent?

Try this peach/nectarine recipe! The mouth watering, SIMPLE, sweet tooth satisfying recipe is a favorite.

baked peach on blue plate.Checkered white and blue table cloth and nectarines

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