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Each of the 4 posts highlights KEY muscles that determine our core strength. The AB Separation Check and 2 Exercises post walks you through: The many different separations. How to check and a tracking sheet.

AB Separation is very common these days even children are experiencing it more. It is always best practice to check and protect your abs if you do have a separation.

The next post: Strengthen Your Core. All of us should consider using today’s two simple (not easy) foundational AB exercises that are helpful for Ab separations.

Both exercises are foundational to our posture and spine stability, which is why you will see them in multiple exercise sequences I’ve developed and used over the past 4 decades.

The next 2 posts, Train this 1 Muscle First and E for E, cover the many different conditions that having a weak diaphragm will contribute to.

There are detailed illustrations to

Help see what this 1 muscle does,

How to strengthen the 1 Muscle, and

Exactly how the E for E breathing is done.

This set of posts is the perfect example of HOW integrated our body is. Supporting the 1 GOAL, 1 FOCUS, and Micro Decisions concept of The Simple Self Care Lifestyle. By FOCUSING on KEY muscles, we are leveraging how the body works for exponential results!

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AB Separation Check& 2 Exercises

the simple self care lifestyle

Strengthen Your Core

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Train This 1 Muscle First

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E for E- Technique WORKS!

Videos for You as You Advance and PDF’s

Exercise 1: 5 1/2 min Daily Routine

Ex 1: 15 Min Daily Routine

Exercise 2 Videos

Ex 2 Instruction Lower 3 of Ab Exercise

❣️It is of utmost importance to KEEP your Back Flat on the floor. The position IS the exercise. Moving the legs is ADVANCING the exercise. Please FOCUS first on mastering the ability to keep your entire back flat. 😌

REMINDER Use The Wrap (Found in How to Check for Separation Post & Video: Minute: 04:45 located below.

Strengthen Your Core Ex 2: 2-min Exercise Routine

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Getting Rid of A Belly Pooch shares the # 1 lower ab exercise that targets your pooch. It is the most effective and efficient exercise when it comes to improving lower ab tone

Advancing Your AB: How to advance the best AB exercise using 3 techniques. Including a 3-minute AB workout at the end of the video. The 3 techniques efficiently and effectively take your lower ab workout to the next and next level. You are in complete control of advancing your ab workout at any time. No fancy equipment is needed.

Reviewing the AB Check

the simple self care lifestyle

Belly Pooch

the simple self care lifestyle

Advancing AB ExercisE

the simple self care lifestyle

AB Separation Check& 2 Exercises

Working on closing an Ab Separation and Ready to Recheck?

For AB Check

Scroll forward to MIN. 02:15 HOW TO CHECK/RE-CHECK ABS

The Wrap Scroll to Minute: 04:45



Achieved Your Goal?

Consider the 5 Simple Exercises 90 Days Series next!

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