Stretching Benefits in 1 Minute

Stretching benefits are actually optimized when done in 1 minute or less.

Q: mo, I procrastinate doing the 90 days 5 Simple Exercises. If I start with the 1-minute exercise videos instead, will I get any benefit, or is that for maintaining only? Also- could you place the 1 Minute Videos on the website? Thanks! C. P-V.

A: Absolutely! is the answer to both.

Todays Simple Self Care Tip

Choosing to do a stretch for 1 minute is a perfect example of a self care MICRO-decision that adds up to exponential results!

Research shows that holding a stretch for 15 to 30 seconds 2 – 4 times (adding up to a minute) benefits all bodies, even if you are just beginning.

“American College of Sports Medicine recommends each stretch should be held 15-30 seconds and repeated 2 to 4 times.” (1)

“Short-duration stretch StS should be included as an important warm-up component… due to its potential positive effect on flexibility and musculotendinous injury prevention.” (2)

Todays Simple Self Care Tip

Each of the below 1 Minute Videos is a short static stretch focused on a muscle group that acts on posture.

A static stretch elongates the muscle with no to low controlled force and 30 sec or less.

Over time the benefits include:

  • increased range of motion (ROM)
  • decreased muscle stiffness
  • reduced risk of muscle strain injuries. [1][2]

It is of utmost importance that the stretch is:

  • slow and
  • controlled movement

with emphasis on:

  • being properly positioned at the start
  • maintaining body alignment during the entire stretch
  • and breathing.

Which is why I always provide instructional videos for EVERY exercise video especially if it looks ‘easy ‘.

Below are the videos for you:

  • five 1-minute stretch videos plus
  • three instructional videos sharing the muscles, positioning, action and breathing for each.

1 Minute Stretches that Provide Overall Body Benefits

Todays Simple Self Care Tip

Instructional Videos for 1 Min Stretches Plucked from the 90 days 5 Simple Exercises Program.

This Video Includes the Instructions for Releasing Your Hamstring Muscles.

This Video Includes the Instructions for Release Low Back Tension.

This Video Includes the Instructions for Spine Mobility and Stretch the Entire Back of Your Body.

Enjoy knowing that every minute does count and your micro-decisions create results!

Todays Simple Self Care Tip

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