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Stretching benefits are actually optimized when done in 1 minute or less.

Benefit of doing the 1-Minute Exercises?

Q: mo, I procrastinate doing the 90 days 5 Simple ExercisesIf I start with the 1-minute exercise videos instead, will I get any benefit, or is that for maintaining only? Also- could you place the 1 Minute Videos on the website? Thanks! C. P-V.

A: Absolutely! is the answer to both.

Choosing to do a stretch for 1 minute is a perfect example of a self care MICRO-decision that adds up to exponential results!

You will benefit!

You will get benefit from doing 1 minute exercises. It is why I had the 1 minute exercise animations created. Research shows that holding a stretch for 15 to 30 seconds 2 – 4 times (adding up to a minute) benefits all bodies, even if you are just beginning.

“American College of Sports Medicine recommends each stretch should be held 15-30 seconds and repeated 2 to 4 times.” 


Each of the below 1 Minute Videos is a short static stretch. They are specifically focused on a muscle group that acts on posture. This way, your FOCUSED minute will add up to exponential results!

“Short-duration stretch StS should be included as an important warm-up component… due to its potential positive effect on flexibility and musculotendinous injury prevention.” 


A static stretch elongates the muscle with no to low controlled force and 30 sec or less.

Stretching benefits are actually optimized when done in 1 minute or less.

Todays Simple Self Care Tip

Your thought process of grabbing a one-minute exercise fits in PERFECTLY with The Simple Self Care Lifestyle concept of 1 GOAL, 1 FOCUS, 1 Micro Decision at a time! One Good Micro Decision after another is actually the BEST way to achieve any goal!

THe simple self care lifestyle


Benefit of Using the 1 min Exercises Consistently Include:

  • increase range of motion (ROM)
  • decrease muscle stiffness
  • reduce the risk of muscle strain injuries. [1][2]

It is of utmost importance that the stretch is:

  • slow and
  • controlled movement

with emphasis on:

  • being properly positioned at the start
  • maintaining body alignment during the entire stretch
  • and breathing.

This is why I always provide instructional videos for EVERY exercise video, especially if it looks ‘easy ‘.

Below are 10 videos for you:

  • Six 1-minute exercise videos plus
  • One 6-minute video that plays all 5 exercises back to back.
  • Three instructional videos sharing the muscles, positioning, action, and breathing for each.

As for Procrastination

Most often, what we need is a consistent boost of positive feedback to our brains. These days we fly from one thing to the next, barely having time to get through ‘the day’, let alone get a long workout in. We beat ourselves up, which isn’t very motivating.

Motivation doesn’t appear or show up to help us overcome procrastination. The order is actually the opposite. We have to build motivation to have what it takes to overcome procrastination.

Leveraging the way the body works, we can help build motivation.

A few things that work really well.

1. Track Incremental Body Shifts. To do that, do a Head to Toe body scan. Write down everything you recognize about your body. I have created a Form with questions to help prompt you. You can go through them, make your notes and then have them emailed to your inbox. Each time you use the form, you will have created an easy-to-access record of your progressions.

This tool surprises so many. See the RESULTS some subscribers have shared.

Here is the Form if you’d like to use it. It is another Free Self Care Tool I’ve made to support you.

Head to Toe. Back view of Woman Stretching Words Head to Toe.

2. Try Tracking How many Good Micro Decisions you make each day, each hour; it places the brain’s focus on the positive. This is such a powerful technique I have had an APP built for you.

You might want to get the MOtivator APP

You might want to get on the list to try out the MOtivator APP – it’s almost ready.

1 Good Micro Decsion after another Adding Up on the MOtivator APP by The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

The MOtivator APP Provides another layer of positive reinforcement to your Good Self Care Micro Decision. So each time you decide to do a 1 Min exercise, you reinforce the positive feedback by clicking +

Watch your Good Micro Decision numbers GROW!

The APP helps to:

1) Immediately reinforce messaging to the brain that another Good Self Care Micro Decision is happening- Like your 1 Min exercise. AND it

2) keeps the awareness of all the Good Micro Decisions YOU DO MAKE- throughout the day- top of mind.

It is a FREE SIMPLE Self Care Tool for you from me. You can read more about it on the Self Care Good Micro Decisions Post

1 Good Micro Decsion after another Adding Up on the MOtivator APP by The Simple Self Care Lifestyle
Notify me about the

MOtivator APP

3. A piece of paper will do too! Track the days you do 1 min exercise on your calendar or this pdf. It is having the visual reference so your brain can see the positive decisions growing!

Now for the videos you asked me to place on the website:


1-Min Ex videos

Providing Entire Body Benefits

☝🏼1 Min: Shoulder & Neck Tension Release

☝🏼1 Min: AB Exercise

☝🏼1 Min: Hamstring Stretch

☝🏼1 Min: Lower Back

☝🏼1 Min: Improve Spine Mobility

☝🏼1 Min: Entire Back Body Stretch

Putting them all together

6-min Routine:☝🏼1 Minute Exercises Back to Back

Videos Topic Page

Today’s 1 Minute and Instructional videos can also be found on the Video Topics Page Titled: 1-Min Exercises

Word Video in script above a laptop that is sitting on a coffee table opened to thesimpleselfcarelifestyle.com website page of Video categories.

Spend A Lot of Time On Youtube?

The 1-minute YouTube playlist link for you

Simplify Self Care with mo

1-Min video playlist

Todays Simple Self Care Tip

The below Instructional Videos are from the 5 SIMPLE Exercises 90 Days Series. It is what C. P-V. (the subscriber who wrote in today’s question) was referring to when asking if doing the 1-min versions would be a good idea.

If you’d like the 90 Series dripped to your inbox weekly, you can subscribe here.

90 Days 5 Simple Exercises

I’m ready to start!

InstructionAL Videos

Todays Simple Self Care Tip

Instructional Videos for 1 Min Stretches.

These are plucked from the 90 days 5 Simple Exercises Program.

AB Exercise Instruction Starts at Minute: 03:08

Instructions for Releasing Your Hamstring Muscles. Starts 00:56

The Instructions for Releasing Low Back Tension scroll to 03:10

Instructions for Spine Mobility and Stretching the Entire Back of Your Body.

Enjoy knowing that every minute counts and your micro-decisions create results!

Todays Simple Self Care Tip

Have a topic you’d like to see on The Simple Self Care Lifestyle? I’d love to hear from you!

💌 simplifyselfcare@gmail.com

Have a Sunny Day!

References/Resources are listed at the bottom of this page for you!

THe simple self care lifestyle


The Simple Self Care Lifestyle


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