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The 4 Best Exercises for Posture

Today the 4 Best Exercises for Posture includes:

  • Introduction video
  • Instruction videos for each exercise
  • LINK to the Daily Exercise Video for Week 1 and
  • Tracking PDF and Link to Head to Toe tracker

This post is also part of the 90 Days ☀️ 5 🖐🏼 Simple Exercises that’ll improve your posture.

90 Days 5 Simple Exercises

Exercise that benefits your ENTIRE Body!

Did you know that it is the consistency of using ALL your muscles when exercising that is the element that has the most positive benefit on your entire body, including your posture?

Research shows using ALL your muscles consistently provides more benefit for your entire body than does the level of difficulty or the intensity of exercise.

Research shows using ALL your muscles consistently provides more benefit for your entire body than does the

  • level of difficulty or
  • the intensity of exercise.

Consistency Wins!

The molecular understanding of exercise impacts in different organ systems reinstates that daily exercise is the most powerful lifestyle intervention against chronic diseases.


That’s Great news for all of us.

Especially for those who are exercise avoiders because they do not feel they have

  • the energy
  • time or the
  • extra oomph

to take on a ‘difficult or intense exercise routine’.

Commit to doing a little each day using these 4 Best Exercises for Posture and you will be taking steps to Optimize Your ENTIRE Body. It is the day in and day out Micro Decisions that will add up to RESULTS!

4 Best Exercises for Posture Todays Simple Self Care Tip

In today’s Foundational Exercises, the 4 Best Exercises for Posture, we use all our postural muscles in a way that optimizes our core muscles!

The very muscles that optimize our posture are foundational to our 1 GOAL of Optimizing Our Body. This is again the benefit of leveraging the way the body is set up to work so we can choose Micro Decisions that will successfully help us to feel, look and live better- than we ever imagined. (The foundation on which everything on The Simple Self Care Lifestyle site is built).

Research backs up that when done consistently, the exercises get exponential results. Results that help to improve Health Span!

4 Best Exercises for Posture research screenshot

Strengthen Postural Muscles First & All Other Activities You Do Benefit.

When you consistently use your postural muscles, you develop and maintain a stable foundation for all other activities you engage in.

Muscle is the only biological tissue capable of actively generating tension.

This characteristic enables the human skeletal muscle to perform the important functions of maintaining upright body posture, moving body parts, and absorbing shock.

For functional body motions to take place, the muscles producing movement must have a stable base from which to work from

(2) (bold, italic added)

Today’s 4 Best Exercises for Posture is a foundational routine for YOU.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • There are 4 Best Exercises for Posture (we work up to 5 as the weeks go on): Start with the number of reps for each exercise that works FOR YOU.
  • Pay CLOSE attention to your positioning. Positioning is crucial. An exercise done out of proper position is working OTHER muscles and may cause discomfort. Plus done repeatedly it will create a discrepancy.
  • Positioning is so important I’ve made separate instructional videos for Each of the 4 Best Exercises for Posture.

Positioning is ALWAYS the key to exercise. ALWAYS.

Letting your back up a little or fudging a proper setup to ‘get through’ an exercise works against you.

PLEASE always keep all parts of your body in the proper position when doing 4 Best Exercises for Posture. NEVER sacrifice form for a repetition. 🤗. Thank You.

Okay, so day in and day out, increasing the reps from where ever YOU started is how your consistency will pay off BIG time.

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The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

Consistency is What Will Strengthen Your Postural Muscles

Consistency of the 4 Best Exercises for Posture is what builds and then maintains

  • muscle function
  • joint protection
  • nerve protection
  • organ protection


  • metabolism
  • mood
  • balanced immune function

Consistently using all your postural muscles also helps you avoid overtraining syndrome if and when you do decide to push to the max.

This is because creating a good postural foundation tempers the body’s response to excessive exercise.

Excess exercise can promote the OPPOSITE desired result like injury as well as:

– increased body fat
– decreased libido and
– worsening mood. (3)

This is due to inflammation. Inflammation is one of your body’s protection mechanisms and muscle growth mechanisms as well.

Our body is always, always working to help us optimize all the systems to the best of its ability with the sole purpose of keeping you alive.

When we work with the way the body is set up we achieve our goals much more efficiently and effectively. Staying away from chronic excessive work outs is a simple self care shift we can make that will reap many benefits.

Spurts of overtaxing muscles can help you build muscle, while chronic overtaxing will not promote muscle improvements, AND it will cascade into creating MORE hurdles for you when it comes to achieving your goal.

One example: An inflamed body doesn’t want to use body fat as its fuel (I cover how the body uses body fat in Part 1Part 2).

Woman named mo pointing at a model cell of our body Illustrating teaching of the body

Part 1 To Lose Body Fat

Part 1 How the body is set up to use body fat as fuel. When we know how the body is set up to use body fat as fuel we can leverage the knowledge to get the results we want.

Feel, Look, LIVE better. The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

Part 2 To Lose Body Fat

Part 2 How the body is set up to use body fat as fuel. Simple actions that help us achieve our goal of setting our body up to use excess fat stores.

Feel, Look, LIVE better. The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

person trying to button pants but belly is in the way. Text to lose bodt fat part 1 and mo pointing to cell model.

Another example is chronic overuse of muscles can promote a low inflammation that negatively impacts mood and libido…..A balanced workout is the key. Strategically weave in over-the-top workouts with enough recovery time for best results.

Your Muscle/Skeletal foundation is the fountain of youth.

The benefits of consistent exercise reach all our systems throughout our life span- including helping to extend it.

Okay, so you are sold on consistency, but HOW do you get yourself to BE consistent?

To Stay Consistent, We Get Focused.

To Strengthen Postural Muscles Efficiently using the 4 Best Exercises for Posture, We Put 3 Things in Place.

1st- Know the WHY behind the 5 best postural exercises so it can act as a strong initial motivator. We are covering that today.

2nd- Know HOW the exercises you are doing positively influence the rest of the body simultaneously.

A larger payoff is more motivating.

I will share this larger payoff information with you each week.

3rd- Leverage and layer the exercises for ongoing advancement while staying in a reasonable amount of time commitment.

Advancing what you’ve done each week is exciting. Progress is very motivating. Each week’s exercise video has the advancements of the 4 Best Exercises for Posture built in.

Tracking Can be motivating.

3 TOOLS to encourage motivation.

1. Tracking Sheets Gives Your Brain a GOOD MOOD Hormone Hit each time you cross off another date you get your brain excited.

2. Good Micro Decision Tracking. Add’em Up Fast and jump-start the Brain to want more. You’ll find LOOKING for One Good Micro Decision is fun.

Click, and click again each time you make a good micro decision.

Watching the Numbers add up is motivating to the brain. MOtivater is another FREE Tool I’ve made for you. Soon to be released get on the notify list!

The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

MOtivator APP

3. Tracking our Body Changes. The changes may surprise you! Subscribers Share Results on the Impact the 90 days of Strengthening their HPA Axis had.

So much changed they couldn’t believe it. You can read a few here, and for more, The button will take you to a Subscribers hare RESULTS page. I hope to share your results too!

more results

A Simple Way to Track Your Changes: Go Head to Toe

This tool was developed as a response to subscribers asking for a spot to place their Head to Toe Body notes. The best ideas always come from subscribers!

The form walks through questions that prompt you to answer head to toe. Hit the submit and the notes are sent to your email!

Each time you fill it out you will know exactly were to find them and they’ll naturally have the date on them 👍🏻

Head to Toe. Back view of Woman Stretching Words Head to Toe.

Introduction Video: 4 Best Exercises for Posture

Instruction Videos: Exercises 1 thru 4

Instructional Video 1: Improvements to Expect.

Exercise 1: The Lower Ab exercise

  • Improves the muscle tone of your lower abs.
  • Slowly it will also begin the slow shift of the excess lower and upper spinal curve.
  • Protect all other joints
  • Improves the Upper back/Shoulder and Deep spinal musclesbalanced tone and flexibility.

Instructions for Exercise 1 of the 4 Best Exercises for Posture

Fix a belly pooch– Intro & Instruction for the WHY & HOW to

  • Position yourself throughout the exercise,
  • Breathing. Timing and Inhale/Exhale cues are provided.
  • Reminder Position Cues throughout the Actions.

*Very important. I cannot seem to say this enough. When it comes to lowering your legs in this AB exercise:

Lower legs does NOT always mean = Better.

How low you have your legs go depends on your:

  • torso length,
  • your present strength of your lower 1/3 of your abs
  • plus much more.

PLEASE, you will get results IF you lower your legs to the point where you can still keep your ENTIRE back plastered to the surface. Your back MUST remain flat at all times!

I’m pointing this out because I have this conversation practically daily. 🤗 🔗 Post How to Fix a Belly Pooch

Exercise 2 HPA Axis 4-7-8 breathing of The 4 Best Exercises for Posture

HPA Axis 4-7-8 breathing is purposely placed here because as we initially use the lower ab exercise, we have the tendency to tense our shoulder and neck muscles.

We want our muscles to get used to a quick release.

Using our 4-7-8 breathing technique habitually will provide the reset/release and, at the same time, train our vagal tone. This, in turn, helps to train/balance our cortisol.

For detailed information/instruction on 4-7-8, these videos

HPA Axis Related Videos

Intro & HPA Axis

Quick intro: HPA Axis first.

HPA Axis Re-balanced

WHY? To Get Results!

Calm Mind Relaxed Body

The 3 Techniques.

Exercise 3 of 4 Best Exercises for Posture: Releasing your Neck & Shoulders.

It not only encourages the release of tension in the muscles of our shoulders and neck region, it enhances our morning cortisol which in turn positively enhances all of our systems.

Details how this works in Wake Up Happy Train Your Cortisol.

The video is cued to start at 06:24. This is the spot in the video where the Exercise 3 instruction is. Feel free to watch the entire video.

Exercise 4 of the 4 Best Exercises for Posture: Spine Stabilizer

Our Spine Stabilizer training is done in an armless Chair using the breathing technique taught in Train this one muscle and the Exercise routine Fix Your Neck Hump.

This 4th exercise uses your:

  • spines number 1 stabilizing muscle,
  • deep postural muscles,

Added benefits include:

  • your vagus nerve is strengthening, promoting the balance of your entire nervous system,
  • the intestines are positively impacted, as well as
  • your neck, shoulders, and arms.

It’s a phenomenal upper-body sequence giving a lot of payoffs.

Detailed instructions for how to position & do the movements are in Fix Your Neck Hump Instruction video.

The 5th Focused Action. It is Passive. It is Using Scent.

Take a minute to grab your favorite scent, Fresh herbs, Flowers, Tea, or Essential Oil. Use the item you enjoy the scent of in the area you are exercising.

It is a passive, Simple Self Care Micro Decision that positively impacts

  • you
  • your mood,
  • and your nervous system.
  • It also creates something called a pleasant anchor. We want the brain to enjoy every time you exercise, and when in a lull, you will have another motivating tool to pull out. Your favorite scent.

I share how this works in: 🔗 Post SCENT How Sense Of Smell Reduces Stress

Scent a Powerful Passive Tool Woman calmed as she uses sense of smell

Scent: How Sense Of Smell Reduces Stress and Lifts Mood

How the body is set up so Scent can be used as a Self Care Tool.

Feel, Look, LIVE better. The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

Exercise Routine Video 1.

If You are in the 90 Days 5 Simple Exercises Series

Each week we will slowly, methodically, CONSISTENTLY, build on the week before helping to:

  • Progressively challenge your muscles using these same exercises
  • Always moving at the BEST SPEED for YOU.

Self Care Tip:

Acquaint yourself with each of the Best Exercises for Posture First

If you watch the information and instruction videos to get a feel for:

  • the reason for the exercise
  • proper positioning of the exercise,

it’ll be easier to run through the entire routine.

Going Slower Can Get You Where You Want to Go Faster.

It is exciting to start something new. The motivation is high to jump in. If you can get yourself to listen (even at double or triple speed) about the exercises, positioning, etc., before you begin, you will get more out of the exercises faster.

Just know that once you’ve run through the entire routine a few days in a row, you’ll have the knack of it and will be able to do the routine without looking at the video.

Since each of the following weeks builds on these foundational exercises, it is time well spent.

The Way I’d Break Down the Goal into daily actions:

  • Aim to have 1 exercise under your belt each of the first 5 days
  • Days 6 and 7 practice the routine in its entirety.
  • Then begin your 90-day count!

👍🏻 If you are doing a restart:

As you roll out of bed, grab your phone or tablet and push play!

Knock the routine off before you exit the bedroom!

You are going to LOVE the way your micro decision of doing the routine first thing upon rising positively influences your self care the rest of the day!

Try one or all of the exercises! Your Posture and your ENTIRE BODY will thank you!!

You’ve Got This!!!

The References I’ve linked for you are at the bottom.

All the videos can be found on the Video Topic Page: 5 Daily Exercises/Balance



Big Youtube user: You can also subscribe to the Simplify Self Care with mo Youtube channel and use the 90 days ☀️ 5 🖐🏼 Simple exercise playlist.

Simplify Self Care with mo

AB playlist

The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

THe simple self care lifestyle


I’m glad you are here…

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You’ve got this! 😁