Apricots vs Peaches.

Question: “mo, what about Apricots vs Peaches?”

Your post on Peaches vs Nectarines got me wondering how my favorite fruit Apricots measure up.Karen M.

Apricots on table whole and cut.


Apricots vs Peaches?


Fun Fruit Fact

Apricots and Peaches are part of the same family but grow in different regions.


Apricots vs Peaches (Apricot Tree)
Apricot vs Peaches (Peach Tree)

A is for Apricot and Vitamin A

Hands down apricots are high up on my list of A to Z SIMPLE Self Care Foods.

Before I moved over to eating simple whole foods my only experience eating apricots was at holidays where soaked/stewed dried apricots were on the table.

The very first time I ate a whole apricot I was smitten.

  • It had the perfect balance of sweet to sour.
  • Unlike a peach or nectarine it didn’t drip.
  • Even the size was appealing!


It is truly one of my favorite foods that I look forward to rotating in each Summer.


Apricots like Peaches are Full of Nutrients

Not only are apricots yummy but they are full of good nutrients for our body!

A treat that is actually GOOD for us and can be used to retrain our brain if we are struggling with cravings!

Each week that apricots are available in the Summer I have bowls brimming on my counter as well as my indoor and outdoor tables.

Always at the ready for a fast SIMPLE self care treat!

Apricots in bowl. YUM!


To Answer the Specific Question Apricots vs Peaches –


Apricots are the Vitamin Winner.

According to Foodstruct

Apricots have more vitamins: …. 4x more vitamin A. More Vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, E, K, C, More minerals and are higher in fiber & carbs.

while the Peach:

contains more B3 than the Apricot(1)


Apricots also contain catechins, which are potent anti-inflammatory agents.

Apricots and quote indicating they can help fight diseases

Except for Potassium the Mineral differences between Apricot + Peach are minimal

Both Apricots and Peaches have about the same mineral content when it comes to:

  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc
Apricots vs Peaches Apricots Higher in Potassium


Though apricot wins again when it comes to Potassium

  • 90mg for 1 Apricot (2)
  • 6mg of Potassium for the same amount of a Peach (approx 1/4 of a Peach) (3)


Most people think of bananas when they are looking for more potassium. Apricots are another great source!

Using Apricot in Recipes.

Just like with Peaches and Nectarines.

You can interchange apricots in any recipe just calculate 1 Apricot is approximately equal to a 1/4 – 1/3 of large Peach.

Bake them halved just like the peaches and nectarines we used in the sultry sweet, mouth watering, delicate & delicious dessert that is GOOD for you when you have a hankering for something sweet.


Fresh Apricot Compote & Apricot Infused Sun Tea two more SIMPLE treats I enjoy!

Fresh Apricot Compote

Fresh Apricot Compote

My fresh fruits and vegetables come weekly through a company that sells food items that don’t look up to snuff for the grocery store.

This helps keep organic produce more affordable for us.

This means there are times when my share comes with more apricots than I can use OR they are all ripe at the same time.

I do a couple things.

1- I cut, pit and freeze apricot halves. Use them in sorbet, smoothie or popsicles later.

2- I cut, pit and puree them in my Vitamix. Then warm batches on the stove to condense and sweeten just a bit.

It is really yummy warmed with a few raspberries and drizzled over a Yonanas. Gives ya some pucker power– almost like starburst 😁

Making Apricot Sun Tea

Apricot sliced into Sun Tea. Apple Slices and Peaches to snack on

What you need for Apricot Sun Tea:

Your Favorite Summer Tea

Apricots (or Peach/Nectarine)


Apricot- Peach sliced -pit removed

1 Wash, Cut, Remove Pit and cut into slices.

2 Place fruit into your already cooled or at the most warm tea and let steep.

I place my tea bloom glass lid on my tea cup after I have removed the filter and added the apricot. This allows it to steep toxin free and bug free. 😊


I hope apricots become a favorite go to treat in your home too!

Thanks for sending in your question Karen!


The Simple Self Care Lifestyle tip for this week:

🎯 Treat yourself, your family, your friends to this wonderful whole food, APRICOT!

Another SIMPLE Self Care whole food treat!

As you build your repertoire of wonderful, mouth watering, sweet tooth satisfying, SIMPLE whole foods –you’ll find self care is easier by the day.

🎯 One Simple satisfying self care micro decision at a time.

Simple Self Care will simply become your Lifestyle.

Todays Simple Self Care Tip

Other QUICK, SIMPLE Self Care treats:


🔗 Dessert in 5 Minutes Including Cleanup!

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