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Apricots vs. Peaches.

Question: “mo, what about Apricots vs Peaches?”

Your post on Peaches vs. Nectarines got me wondering how my favorite fruit Apricots measures up.” Karen M.

Apricots vs. Peaches?

Oh, they are both so gooood.

Both Apricots and Peaches are part of the same family but grow in different regions.

Apricots vs Peaches (Apricot Tree)
Apricot vs Peaches (Peach Tree)

Is One More Nutritious Than the Other?

Both Apricots & Peaches are Full of Nutrients

Not only are both yummy but they are full of good nutrients for our cells!!

Since Providing Nutrients to our cells is our FOCUS we can achieve moving toward our GOAL of Optimizing our body with either!

Each week that apricots and peaches are available in the Summer, I have bowls brimming on my counter as well as my indoor and outdoor tables.

Always at the ready for a fast, SIMPLE Self Care treat!

To Answer Your Specific Question: Apricots vs. Peaches –

Apricots vs Peaches A bowl of fresh Apricots 2 sliced to the left of it.

Apricots are the Vitamin Winner.

According to Foodstruct

Apricots have more vitamins: …. 4x more vitamin A. More Vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, E, K, C, More minerals and are higher in fiber & carbs.

The Peach:

The Peach contains more B3 than the Apricot.


When it comes to MINERALS

Mineral differences between Apricots + Peaches are Minimal

Both Apricots and Peaches have about the same mineral content when it comes to:

  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc

Except for Potassium

Apricot wins again when it comes to Potassium

  • 90mg for 1 Apricot (2)
  • 6mg of Potassium for the same amount of a Peach (approx 1/4 of a Peach(3)

Most people think of bananas when they are looking for more potassium. Apricots are another great source!

Apricots vs Peaches Apricots Higher in Potassium


Both Apricots and Peaches contain catechins, which are potent anti-inflammatory agents.

Apricots vs Peaches. Apricots and quote indicating they can help fight diseases

Using Apricot in Recipes.

Just like with Peaches and Nectarines.

You can interchange apricots in any recipe; just calculate 1 Large Peach to approximate equivalent of 2-3 Apricots.

Bake them halved just like the peaches and nectarines we used in the sultry sweet, delicate & delicious dessert of Baked Peaches that is GOOD for you when you have a hankering for something sweet.

Peaches vs. Nectarines

You can interchange peaches and nectarines in any recipe, including today’s sultry sweetdelicate & delicious baked Peach that satisfies a hankering for something sweet.

Feel better, Look Better, LIVE better…The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

Fresh Apricot Compote & Apricot Infused Sun Tea.

Two SIMPLE Apricot/Peach treats!

  1. Fresh Apricot Compote
Apricots vs Peaches Fresh Apricot Compote

My fresh fruits and vegetables come weekly through a company that sells food items that don’t look up to snuff for the grocery store.

This helps keep organic produce more affordable for us.

This means there are times when my share comes with more apricots than I can use, OR they are all ripe at the same time.

I Do A Couple of Things.

1- I cut, pit, and freeze apricot halves. Use them in sorbet, smoothie, or popsicles later.

2- I cut, pit, and puree them in my Vitamix. Then warm batches on the stove to condense and sweeten just a bit.

It is really yummy, warmed with a few raspberries and drizzled over a Yonanas. Gives ya some pucker power– almost like Starburst 😁

Making Apricot Sun Tea

Apricots vs Peaches: Apricot sliced into Sun Tea. Apple Slices and Peaches to snack on

What you need for Apricot Sun Tea:

Your Favorite Summer Tea

Apricots (or Peach/Nectarine)


Apricot- Peach sliced -pit removed

1 Wash, Cut, Remove the pit, and cut into slices.

2 Place fruit into your already cooled or warm tea and let steep.

I place my tea bloom glass lid on my tea cup after I have removed the filter and added the apricot. This allows it to steep toxin free and bug-free. 😊

This links you to the one I use.

Apricots vs Peaches

Apricot and Peaches

Hands down, apricots and peaches are high up on my list of SIMPLE Self Care Foods.

Before I moved over to eating simple whole foods, my only experience eating apricots was at holidays when soaked/stewed dried apricots were on the table.

The very first time I ate a whole FRESH apricot, I was smitten.

  • It had the perfect balance of sweet to sour.
  • Unlike a peach or nectarine, it didn’t drip.
  • Even the size was appealing!

In the How to Use Body Fat as Fuel Posts I listed Apricots as being one of those items I look forward to each time they are in Season.

My daily Micro Decisions to FOCUS on Whole Fresh Foods like Apricots and Peaches as a way of Self Care leads me to more nutritional variety than when I ate processed. I wouldn’t evaluate which of the two is ‘better’. I’d interchange and enjoy both!

And I’d remember to congratulate yourself for repeating the good micro decision of opting to seek out and eat Apricots and Peaches. This way, your brain connects to the GOOD MOOD hormone hit helping you over time to transition to mostly whole foods.

Apricots vs Peaches. Apricots in bowl. YUM!

A fresh Apricot is truly one of the foods that helped me transition.

Eating Whole Foods like FRESH Apricots and Peaches isn’t a chore now. It was in the beginning. The processed foods would ‘call my name’ the moment I’d walk into the store. Fresh Apricots were one of the first fresh foods that helped me break the junk food habit.

Developing the desire and happy anticipation for Seasonal Favorites is now a wonderful part of my life now.

Todays Simple Self Care Tip

This Shift Will Catch You By Surprise

I have soooooo many stories, but this one sticks out to me because it was the Apricot that helped change a client’s habit too.

Years ago, the client I am thinking about laughed when I told her how excited I was that Apricots were in the stores. I was sharing with her that I was no different when it came to my sugar drive- running into the store, grabbing a coffee, pastry, or ‘power’ bar, to then sit in my car and consume. This was a daily habit. I had convinced myself that I ‘deserved my treat’ so I could better handle the rest of my day.

When I slowly introduced the challenge of going in and finding a yummy whole food and tea, I became excited about the Apricot.

I’m sharing this because she was like- there’s no way– by the following year, she was chuckling, telling me: instead of thinking about getting to the store to buy what used to be her favorite junk food, she was NOW fixated on getting to the store because fresh apricots were in stock!

This is the amazing way One Good Micro Decision after another works. Placing your FOCUS on providing what your cell needs helps you slowly SHIFT – Cravings change that is more in line with what your body desires to Optimize Your Body. That’s why a ‘diet’ is temporary, yet 1 Good Micro Decision after another helps you achieve ANY Goal you have faster. You build instead of start and stop and restart and loop…

YUMMY Apricots and Peaches are BOTH fantastic choices for Self Care! Don’t forget Nectarines!

Peaches vs Nectarines

You can interchange peaches and nectarines in any recipe, including today’s sultry sweetdelicate & delicious baked Peach that satisfies a hankering for something sweet.

Feel better, Look Better, LIVE better…The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

I hope fresh seasonal fruit becomes a favorite go-to treat in your home too!

Thanks for sending in your question, Karen!

References are further down for you.

The Simple Self Care Lifestyle Tip:

🎯 Treat yourself, your family, and your friends to the wonderful whole foods, APRICOT and Peaches!

QUICK, SIMPLE Fun Fruit Basket & Bowls Less than 5 Minutes:

🔗 Dessert in 5 Minutes Including Cleanup!

POST 🔗 YUM Baked Peaches/Nectarines

peaches Nectarines Baked

The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

THe simple self care lifestyle


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