Week 3 Daily Routine:
90☀️ Days 5 🖐🏼 Simple Exercises

AB workout beginner to top level athlete we are constantly, incrementally advancing.

Week 3 Daily Routine with advancing AB workout.

We explore advancing our Ab workout during our daily routine.

Working our lower abdominal muscles to incrementally over come a bit more resistance is the absolute best way for us to strengthen our lower abs.

The reason it works for EVERYONE from beginner to top level athlete is because EACH of us controls the amount of resistance of each and every repetition.

To achieve results the key is: Form, Form, Form!

REMEMBER PLEASE when it comes to the ab workout:

Going LOWER is NOT the ONLY goal 😁.

  • Moving your legs and adding weights strategically in this AB exercise allows you to challenge your abs while protecting your back.
  • It also sets you up to use both the right and left side of your rectus abdominal muscles equally.
ab workout beginner


Please ALWAYS, ALWAYS, maintain a flat–flatflat back.

You will reap the benefits!


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Props and Placement to help position or the best AB workout.

ab workout beginner prop placement

Make your own Props to set yourself up to challenge every rep of your ab workout.

ab workout beginner how to make your own props
  1. Grab 2 large beach towels.
  2. Roll one up.
  3. Wrap the other one around it.
  4. Place rubber bands on each end.

Bolster and Blocks