Week 2

Our Week 2 Daily Routine incorporates the Low Back Stretch into our 90☀️ Days 5 🖐🏼 Simple Exercises.

Refresh how Low Back Stretch works here: Instructional Link.

Week 2 Daily Routine adding The Low Back Stretch.

This week we are layering in ☝🏼 Simple Exercise🔸 that gives your whole body results.

It’s soooooo Simple! Don’t let the low back stretch fool you into thinking it isn’t important 😁

Words Tracking sheet and 3 sectons for 7 days to be checked off. SThe SImple Self Care Lifestyle Sun logo as background

Props and Placement for best posture exercise routine.

Prop placement for lower ab exercise

Make your own Props for the best posture exercises.

Bolster and Self Made Bolster for Fix Belly Pooch Exercise
  1. Grab 2 large beach towels.
  2. Roll one up.
  3. Wrap the other one around it.
  4. Place rubber bands on each end.