The Low Back Stretch Week 2

Low Back Stretch is in Week 2 of our 90☀️ Days 5 🖐🏼 Simple Exercises. Revisit HOW the Low Back Stretch works—video link to Instructional Video: The Low Back Stretch.

Informational, Instructional, and Weekly Routine Links for videos Weeks 1-3 are below for easy access.

The Low Back Stretch is now in Week 2 Daily Routine

Week 2: Daily Routine with the Low Back Stretch

This week we are layering in ☝🏼 Simple Exercise🔸 that gives your whole body results.

The Low Back Stretch is SIMPLE

It’s soooooo Simple, BUT don’t let the simplicity of the low back stretch fool you into thinking it isn’t effective & IMPORTANT! 😁

The Low Back Stretch sign off wishing you a lovely day!

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Week 1

Information: the WHY & WHAT we are doing.

Week 1

Daily Routine Video & Prop Instruction

Week 2

Instructional Post & Videos Low Back

Week 2

Daily Routine Video & Prop Links

Week 3

Instructional Advance Ab Exercise

Week 3

Daily Routine Video & Prop Instruction

Routine Props & Placement

Props and Placement for the posture exercise routine.

Low Back Stretch Week 2 Posture Exercise Prop placement for lower ab exercise
Low Back Stretch Week 2 Posture Exercise Bolster and Self Made Bolster for Fix Belly Pooch Exercise

Make Your Own Bolster

It is simple to make your own bolster and it may be the best fit! All you need is a few LARGE towels, 2 Rubber bands or Hair ties.

Grab 2 large beach towels.

Roll one up.

Wrap the other one around it.

Place rubber bands on each end.

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