Week 4 Daily Routine:
90☀️ Days 5 🖐🏼 Simple Exercises


Hamstring muscles impact our posture so much so that when you have chronic aches and pains anywhere in your body you should check in on the hamstring muscles for tauntness and discrepancies.

Week 4 Daily Routine

We slowly, equally coax our hamstring muscles into releasing any excess muscle tauntness.

Strategically positioning ourselves against a wall and using the right props for our height and present hamstring flexibility we avoid stretching one side more than the other. This is key to overall body release.


Hamstring Muscle Stretch using the wall and yoga blocks as props


Like with our abs:

Going LOWER is NOT always the ONLY goal 😁.

  • Please always use the prop that is the right height for YOU. All of us have different leg and torso ratios. Plus different hamstring tauntness.
  • Choose, use, and always switch to the prop height that offers you a comfortable stretch.
  • Change your prop going lower as your hamstring muscles release.
ab workout beginner

During the entire exercise:

Please ALWAYS, ALWAYS, maintain contact between both your butt cheeks and the wall

Slow, gentle, hamstring muscle release will offer you many benefits!

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Prop Options

3 Props for Stretching Hamstring Muscles


Typical placement to help position.

ab workout beginner prop placement

Blocks for Abs and Butt Slide

For Routines First Exercise: Make your own Props to set yourself up to challenge every rep of your ab workout.

ab workout beginner how to make your own props
  1. Grab 2 large beach towels.
  2. Roll one up.
  3. Wrap the other one around it.
  4. Place rubber bands on each end.