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Chair Workout Videos for you. Each builds upon the other, so you always know exactly what to layer on next.

2.5-min ▶️ Chair Workout (Not a fan of the music play muted!)

5 min⏱ Chair Workout

15 min⏱ Chair Workout

Full 20 min⏱ Chair Workout

90 Day tracking pdf

1 AM Routine and An Instructional Video

ROUTINE Wake Up Happy! 😁 Start your day by taking a few moments right on the edge of your bed to Train Your Cortisol. This 4 Minute Animation can be used all day long to release neck and shoulder tension.

INFO: Wake Up Happy! 😁 Train Your Cortisol. You have much more influence than you think 😁 . Research Shows Happy People Live Longer. 😁 Let’s get you Waking Up Happy!

If you are a big YouTube Channel user the Simplify Self Care with mo Channel has these same routines on a playlist:

2 1/2 min thru 20 min Chair Posture and Spine Strength

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