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How Body Fat Loss Works Part 2

The body is set up so that we do not lose too much fat too quickly. This is a protective mechanism.

Understanding how the body works can help us understand what to do when we want to use excess body fat as fuel.

Knowing how we are set up to store and then use body fat also helps us to make sense of why ‘dieting’ may make losing body fat harder and harder.

Today, we gain the tools to eliminate this pattern, helping us understand what will be important in helping us achieve our goal of using excess body fat.

When we focus on exploring what works for our individual body instead of someone else’s plan, we are able to successfully optimize our personal metabolism. As with everything on The Simple Self Care Lifestyle, it leads to the 1 GOAL of Optimizing Our Body.

THe simple self care lifestyle


Fat Loss is not a Willpower or Motivation Issue

Let’s get rid of blaming ourselves when it comes to falling short of achieving our fat loss goals!

Research shows it’s NOT a lack of willpower or motivation.

The fact is, to Lose Body Fat, your body MUST FIRST be set up to USE your stored Body Fat as Fuel. Switching the Self Care FOCUS

  • from following someone else’s plan
  • to mapping out how to set up our body to meet the criteria for fat to be used as fuel

is the way to BUILD motivation and succeed.

Today’s question came from an email subscriber asking:

Q: mo, How can I set my body up to lose body fat in a sustainable way?


You can do this by setting your body up to use body fat as its fuel.

This is contrary to what the 71 billion-dollar weight loss industry would love for you to believe.

They want you to follow their plans, take their products, focus on counting calories, and when it fails or doesn’t work for you long-term:

They’d like you to believe:

  • it’s due to your lack of motivation,
  • not having the right mindset or
  • lack of willpower.

Which is NOT true.

As a matter of fact, following ‘plans’ can actually perpetuate all three!

Research shows that you could have the right mindset, be motivated, follow a calorie-restricted diet, and still not be losing the body fat stores at the same rate as someone else.

The KEY to Your Fat Loss Success: Meet your body’s criteria for letting go of fat stores.

The criteria and order that works best for Body Fat Loss.

1- Timing of eating (different than fasting) so circulating insulin has time to lower

2- Re-set the body’s stress loop (HPA Axis work)

3- Work with the fact that Fat is an ORGAN that sends out hormonal signals including influencing appetite.(12)

4- Balanced Muscle strength matters more than age.

5- Absolutely stay hydrated. (even hypo hydration matters).

6- Know and increase the foods your bio-individual body can digest well, especially Protein.

Also shown to improve the use of Body Fat as Fuel is using specific probiotics.

How Each Impacts Our Body’s Willingness to Use Body Fat Stores for Fuel

First Body Fat Loss Focus:

FIRST, FOCUS your efforts on getting the timing and type of foods that are best for you. We covered that in Part 1.

Woman named mo pointing at a model cell of our body Illustrating teaching of the body

How Your Body Uses Body Fat Part 1

Your body uses body fat as its fuel when specific criteria are met.

Feel better, Look Better, LIVE better…The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

Why focus on Timing and Type of Food First?

Timing and Type of Food are the 2 TOP hurdles when it comes to slowing down the use of stored fat as energy.

What Makes Them the 2 Top Hurdles of Body Fat Loss?

They both influence key hormonal messaging that controls the release of stored fat for energy use. Part 1.

This means even if you do all the other things shared today – it is the timing and type of food that will be the thing to slow down your body’s use of fat stores as energy.

Woman named mo pointing at a model cell of our body Illustrating teaching of the body

How Your Body Uses Body Fat Part 1

Your body uses body fat as its fuel when specific criteria are met.

Feel better, Look Better, LIVE better…The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

After Timing and Type of Foods Move to Today’s Focus

Choose and Layer on items outlined today that are:

  • relevant to you
  • one at a time

This initial setup may seem slow, but it offers exponential payoff.

Here is just ONE quote of many. Multiple studies show calorie counting alone does not help you use body fat stores as fuel.

even when calorie restrictions were proportionally identical, some lost twice the percentage of their body weight as others during the six weeks of a strict diet


That’s right, the same calories in and the same calories out, and after 6 weeks of the same level of commitment, willpower, motivation, and adherence, some lost twice the percentage of their body weight than others.

It is not in your head!

lose body fat research articles around the speaker: mo related to Using Body Fat

It can be more difficult to lose weight than the person you are comparing yourself to.

A person that has the same level of commitment and doing the same exact diet for the same length of time.

If you want to delve deeper into research, resources and references are linked for you below.

How can this be?


Why can one person have the exact amount of calorie deficit as someone else and not lose the same amount of fat stored?


The other criteria that the body works off of to expend fat cells as energy have not been met.

Counting Calories Will Work WHEN The Other Criteria are Met.

Focusing on the criteria the body needs to have in place so it’ll freely open the gates of the fat cell to release fat molecules as fuel is what will make counting calories in and calories out work.

The most effective way for your body to lose body fat is to have your body set up so it can easily USE body fat stores as fuel.


The Bottomline of Using Body Fat

To promote fat loss being used as fuel, learn how to set your individual body up so the metabolic conditions are met; this way, the body will be comfortable with using fat as energy.

And know that when they are not met, it is not a lack of motivation or willpower but the fact that your body will work really hard to hang on to your fat stores as a favor to you. This is because it wants to protect you.

The criteria your body wants you to meet before giving up your fat stores isn’t a flaw.

The criteria to signal your body it is okay to lose body fat is actually a miraculous way for your body to evaluate how to keep you alive — system-wide!!!

It is truly an amazing setup where there is constant communication about ‘status’ between all of your systems so your body can function and protect you from excess body fat loss.

lose body fat signals hormones need to be set up in a way that the body will use body fat as its fuel

The swiftness of the communication between ALL systems is incomprehensibly fast and nimble. The messaging influences an array of tweaks and adjustments body-wide.

Our bodies ALWAYS AIM to function in a way that optimizes our body with the conditions we place it in. Always. It wants to keep us alive.

Calories in, Calories Out Will Work

Please- do not misinterpret the message, as the calories in, calories out equation does not work.

The Calories in Calories Out Equation DOES Work! – Once the metabolic conditions are met.

Knowing how the body is set up to give up its fat stores more freely allows you to leverage the way the body works one Micro Decision at a time.

When you meet the metabolic conditions, and body fat loss is the result, you’ll be very happy the calories in calories out equation works as it can be amazingly effective for:

The Calories In Calories Out Equation is Super Helpful

When the body has met the criteria and your hormones message all systems that it is safe and a good time to use stored fat as energy, you will begin to experience fat loss.

That is when the calories in, calories out become an effective, efficient tool for:

  • using excess fat stores as energy
  • and for maintenance of optimal stores

Let’s get into the SIMPLIFIED explanation of our body’s Organ Fat.

Yes! Our Fat is an ORGAN.

Fat tissue has metabolic, bio-mechanical, immune, and secretory functions.


The fat organ sends out hormone messages throughout the body.

Just like other endocrine organs, it is an intricate player of multiple systems.

The crosstalk that goes on between systems means your body fat influences and is influenced by multiple other systems.

lose body fat is dependent on the crosstalk between all your systems

When the need for more energy arises due to a deficit of calories, your body checks in.

It surveys the terrain - decides what’s going on, figures out what’s needed, and what the best resource is at that time to provide the energy your cells need to cover that deficit.

If the message is that it is best to NOT use fat cells, your body will do its best to hang on to them.

Isn’t that so cool! Our body works hard to keep us alive.

When the metabolic conditions message the body that the body is in a good place to use body fat as fuel, it does so efficiently.

Soooo….What messages our body in a way that keeps us from using Body Fat as Fuel?

Some of the BIG influencers that communicate to your body that it’d be best to hang on to fat include:

Chronic Stress

“Chronic stress and body fat are part of a feedback loop that slows metabolism.” (16)

Researchers have discovered that chronic stress stimulates the production of a protein that inhibits an enzyme involved in fat metabolism.


“Researchers have discovered that chronic stress stimulates the production of a protein that inhibits an enzyme involved in fat metabolism….chronic stress causes you to accumulate fat faster, or at the very least slows down fat metabolism.”(15) (bold, italic added)

Stress is NOT the Problem. CHRONIC STRESS is.

Having chronic stress is the problem. Chronic stress isn’t just being overwhelmed or being too busy.

Chronic stress to your body includes things like:

  • chronic low-level inflammation,
  • maybe certain medications,
  • chronic lack of sleep,
  • vitamin deficiencies,
  • trying to break down foods it isn’t able to digest well
  • an HPA Axis that is chronically overstimulated
  • toxin exposure, i.e. plastics in our everyday items like tea bags, in our homes, heavy metals like lead in our salt, damaging trans fats…

Research confirms emotional stress can rise and fall with no negative impact.

It is when chronic imbalances of any of our systems push our Stress Hormone Cortisol out of balance.

Once this stress hormone (Cortisol) is not cycling optimally, our body sees itself as being under chronic stress. Body Fat accumulates. It is very important to know that your body’s physiology is determining if your systems are under stress.

Here is how knowing this helps us.

When we know chronic stress keeps messaging our body that it is not a good time to use fat stores as energy, we can take the steps to reduce the body’s chronic stress loop.

This is DIFFERENT than saying reduce your stress. We take the SIMPLE step of leveraging the way the body is set up to signal your body that the body’s STRESS RESPONSE can be reduced.

This is NOT as difficult as many believe it to be.

To rebalance - the chronic stress messaging, I encourage focusing on the biggest influencer first. Something called the HPA Axis.

The HPA Axis responds to consistent, specific, SIMPLE Focused Actions by rebalancing the chronic stress loop.

This is why I always suggest focusing on balancing the HPA Axis first–it costs nothing and takes little to no additional time because we can do 2 simple techniques throughout the day and even while we sleep. I provide videos to guide you.

Woman Hand on Upper chest taking a slow deep breathe to Calm
Mother, Father, Child asleep

I highly recommend using the techniques as your first step because rebalancing your HPA Axis can be all you need to get the ball rolling. (Some subscribers share some of their results here)

Reducing The Toxins You Are Exposed To

Over time,is choose and swap out household items known to be toxic to the body. A quick example laundry detergent and dryer sheets.

As you swap out one item after another, you are reducing your body’s toxin exposure and supporting your body’s well-being exponentially!

Your body will use body fat more efficiently and so much more! This is because reducing your toxin exposure positively impacts all your systems.

The healthier your systems become, the more willing your body is to give up excess fat stores as fuel. Now that’s the loop you’re looking for!

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Simple Swaps for Your Home

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Reduce Toxins

Swap out everyday products

The Hormone Insulin

Insulin circulating in the bloodstream, even with a caloric deficityour body is going to resist giving up fat as energy. I go into detail on how this is set up so we know how to leverage the way is set up to use body fat (How The Body Uses Body Fat Part 1 article/video)

Woman named mo pointing at a model cell of our body Illustrating teaching of the body

How Your Body Uses Body Fat Part 1

Your body uses body fat as its fuel when specific criteria are met.

Feel better, Look Better, LIVE better…The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

Not having enough time between putting something into our mouth, including ZERO calorie ‘drinks,‘ doesn’t allow our insulin levels to be low enough, long enough to trigger our Hormone Sensitive Lipase. This means the fat cells will not receive the message to open their gates to let the stored fat come out so it can be used as fuel.

When insulin chronically circulates– higher stores of fat are maintained, and this sets the body up to easily accumulate abdominal fat, which in turn causes disturbance in glucose and lipid metabolism….the cycle continues (3)

Knowing this is helpful because

When we space our eating, our insulin has time to lower. When our insulin lowers, the body signals to the hormone responsible for opening the gate of our fat cells (Hormone-Sensitive Lipase) to use fat stores as fuel.

This knowledge helps us leverage the way our body works.

NOTE: Rebalancing the HPA Axis may also improve circulating insulin. This is why I always suggest 90 days of HPA Axis first.

Rebalancing the HPA Axis can improve so much by removing hurdles created by chronic stressMinimally rebalancing your HPA Axis will help make it easier to recognize:

  • which foods sustain us longer and
  • what timing works best for our schedule and lifestyle.

Slowly, as we get better at identifying the foods that sustain us longer, it’ll be easier to get off the roller coaster that drives cravings. This is especially important in the beginning when our fat stores themselves are influencing our appetite. Protein is most often the best in helping us to successfully:

  • increase more time between snacks/meals.

The added time between snacks/meals is what provides Hormone Sensitive Lipase more time to signal to your fat cells that they can release stored fat molecules when you have a deficit of calories.

Initially, it may be for those with more stored fat; the Meal focus and snack focus should be on Protein. (And not powders, actual Complete Protein)

Protein. 3 Part Series

Why we need it. What kind? How Much?

Feel better, Look Better, LIVE better…The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

Next: AGE. Does it Really Impact Fat Loss?

“Age is one of the most important factors of changes in energy metabolism. The basal metabolic rate decreases almost linearly with age.” (3)

Is this just the way it is? Are we destined to lower our metabolism as we age, or are there things about getting older that we can optimize if we want to?

Age Isn’t the ‘CAUSE’ It is a Factor

Systems that slow down as we age are the contributors. For instance:

The volume of skeletal musculature decreases, and the percentage of fat tissue increases with age.


“The decrease in muscle mass relative to the total body may be wholly responsible for the age-related decreases in basal metabolic rate”(3)

Body fat has less caloric need than muscle plus:

“Skeletal muscle is the primary metabolic target organ for glucose and triglyceride disposal and is an important determinant of resting metabolic rate. The potential consequences of age-related reduction in skeletal muscle mass are diverse, including reduced muscle strength and power, reduced resting metabolic rate, reduced capacity for lipid oxidation, and increased abdominal adiposity” (18)

“Substantial evidence supports the increased consumption of high-quality protein to achieve optimal health outcomes. A growing body of research indicates that protein intakes well above the current Recommended Dietary Allowance help to promote healthy aging, appetite regulation, weight management, and goals aligned with athletic performance. Higher protein intake may help the loss of muscle mass and strength that predisposes older adults to frailty, disability, and loss of autonomy. Higher protein diets also lead to greater reductions in body weight and fat mass compared with standard protein diets, and may therefore serve as a successful strategy to help prevent and/or treat obesity.” (17)

“Skeletal musculature is a fundamental organ that consumes the largest part of energy in the normal human body” (3)It influences around 20% of the calories we need.

That’s HUGE!

Of the total calories we need daily, we can easily influence 20% of what is needed by focusing on working our muscles (in a balanced way).

Knowing this is helpful because we can:

Leverage the way our body works and prioritize:

  • Muscle resistance work (that is balanced) and
  • Increased consumption of Complete Protein.

Men – Women: The Difference

There is a difference, and the differences should be taken into consideration, especially if teaming up with a male partner in a ‘getting to healthy weight’ journey.

Women naturally have more body fat than men. We have breast tissue. Our body works hard to keep fat around the midriff and hips to help us stay ‘fertile’ as long as possible.

We have Less Muscle Mass to Begin With

We have less muscle mass. Our workout recovery time is longer. We go through body fat increases and decreases with pregnancies.

We have hormonal influences that change post-menopause. There are differences in the caloric need from our body differences alone. Our workouts should reflect our goals of increasing muscle mass without creating chronic inflammation.

Because body fat is an organ that influences appetite, we typically need to place more of our focus on higher protein and fewer carbs than our male counterparts.

This is not a design flaw. All these factors help us survive longer on less food. Also, the fact that we could store energy quicker with carbs was a good thing. Our AMAZING body works hard to help us live longer!

To Lose Body Fat as Fuel Focus on High Quality Foods You Would have never bought before because you now need less!

The way I embraced the caloric differences was to practice thinking- this is great! I’d Focus on what amazing foods I use to forgo because of the expense and enjoy them because I needed less!

Beautiful Fresh Organic Raspberries, Fresh Organic Figs, Fresh Organic Apricots, Fresh Rosemary and Thyme, a Baby coconut, top quality Pasture-raised meats, and Duck! Properly fermented Ghee and Vegetables… AMAZING top-of-the-line Honey, mineral water…everything organic

You get the picture—I enjoyed and still enjoy the hunt for yummy, high-quality foods that I could now enjoy because my metabolic changes meant I didn’t need as much.

Again, it’s great to know that we can easily influence 20% of what is needed by focusing on working our muscles (in a balanced way).

We can influence our muscle mass, activity, food choices, and toxin exposure, and all these Good Micro Decisions will contribute to an increased baseline metabolism.

Drink. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water. Keeping Hydrated:

If the body is dehydrated, the cells become increasingly dehydrated, the formation of triglycerides increases, and fats and proteins cannot be used, so the body uses glucose.

The stimulus for insulin secretion is HIGH blood glucose. We are looped back to having too much circulating insulin.

As the cell gets more and more dehydrated, the metabolism of free fatty acids (ffa) and amino acids (aa) to pyruvate and/or acetyl-CoA decreases, producing a dependence on glucose as the main fuel source as has been reported for obesity

Simplified: We are dependent on our cells having the hydration they need.

Hypohydration is enough to slow things down.

You do not need to be DEHYDRATED. Hypo-hydration is enough to slow down the release and use of the stored fat molecules.

Knowing this is helpful because we can

Pay attention to our water intake.

  • Forming a simple habit like filling up the bottles with the amount of water at that works for you at the beginning of the day will help set your body up to use fat stores as energy.

The Final 2 for Today:

The next 2 are good to focus on after 1 through 4 have been woven into your Simple Self Care Lifestyle.

The reason is that the first 4 often resolve stubborn fat loss as well as many other body issues.

And minimally, the process to achieve the next two becomes easier to navigate.

Chronic low Inflammation caused by:

  • ‘intolerance’ to foods or
  • processed foods
  • excessive workouts clustered too close together for ample repair

all 3 can keep the body from using body fat stores as fuel.

When the body can’t recognize, disassemble with ease, and use the food you’ve chosen to eat, the chronic inflammatory response will keep the stress hormones circulating, and the body will hold on to fat stores.

If you are working out because you want to increase muscle mass, but your workouts cause inflammation and or excessive use of your protein supplies, you’ll be signaling your body to protect you.


Whenever possible, choose foods

This way, your body can recognize, digest, process, and make use of it more easily.

How knowing this helps us.

Uncovering a food intolerance or digestive challenges can help address the root cause of chronic inflammation.

It is empowering to discover what works well with your body and what does not.

Shift the focus on deprivation where you are always thinking I can’t eat this or that - turn it around instead of focusing on ‘This Food makes me feel good, helps me sleep better”….

Actively being on the lookout for what WORKS can be a life changer. Going from a mindset of LACK to a place of THIS IS HELPING me FEEL better, LOOK better, LIVE better, and I am achieving my Goal of Optimizing my Body will become a habit.

While this mindset shift took a while to cultivate, it was the catalyst for my ability to happily shift toward what my body needed. And it worked. I feel better and live better now in my seventh decade of life than I did in my second.

You’ll Feel A Shift & You’ll be Hooked.

As I mentioned in the 1 GOAL, when you take steps that help one organ, like your fat, it helps one system. That system positively impacts EVERY OTHER SYSTEM you end up OPTIMIZING your entire body. Over time, you begin to feel a shift. And then another and another.

That is where MOTIVATION comes from! A Happy Hormone Hit your brain receives from your everyday successes! That is what gives us staying power and a completely different perception than being on a ‘diet’.


in 2 Seconds

Motivated Woman Arms raised over head with big smile
The Simple Self Care Lifestyle


You are NOW In Charge

When you know what is going on, you eliminate the frustration of constantly trying to figure out why ‘dieting’ isn’t working. Now you are in charge.

You’ll be able to start the process of weeding out what works for your body and what does not. You get to decide WHAT to consume, WHEN, and HOW much. You’ll be making decisions with Clear-eyed Confidence and Conviction because you know how your body works.

Societal messaging will become less and less relevant to you. Again, because YOU know how your body is set up to work, you can enjoy yourself again.

Taking the time to gain an understanding of what works for YOUR body is time well spent.

Won’t it be great knowing if it is the tomato, or beans, or cheese, or x.y,z….that is causing the low-level inflammation that is keeping you from using body fat and not just the calories!?!

Not only will it help you achieve your weight goal more efficiently, BUT it’ll improve your body fat maintenance EXPONENTIALLY!

Last for today, a blurb about probiotics.

Your Intestine Microbiome Makes A Difference

“The main physiological functions of the gut microbiota are digestion, vitamin synthesis, and metabolism” (9)

“The gut flora controls fat tissue expansion and glucose metabolism (13)

“…we are what we eat and what our gut microbiome is.” (19)

“Probiotics may also inhibit fat accumulation, reduce inflammation and insulin resistance, and regulate neuropeptides and gastrointestinal peptides”(8)

Specific strains to help individual intestinal flora is best done with your practitioner. Discovering what may be the right probiotic for you will depend on many, many factors.

There will be a post series in the future on the basics of probiotics you can subscribe to be in the know.

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The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

Research shows it is Specific Strains:

“Specific strains belonging to the genus Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium were the most used and those that showed the best results in reducing body weight…When used as a single-strain or multi-strain, probiotic interventions showed positive effects in decreasing body weight, BMI, waist circumference, body fat mass, or fat percentage. ” (22)

  • I’ll be creating an in-depth post on this in the future. For now, I’ve placed a few of the single strains and multi-strain products that have been studied on the Supplements page. This way, you can consider sharing them with your practitioner to see if one may be a good fit for you and your goals.


Vitamins, Minerals, Cell Salts, BACH, Quality Sources.

RE-CAP: Understanding Fat Loss

It is not a mistake but a safety mechanism to hold onto fat stores.

Your body is set up to protect you and make sure you will have enough fuel to get you through, ESPECIALLY while you are under chronic stress.

It is set up so that when your insulin levels are high, it does not need to take from your fat stores. Video How to Lose Body Fat Part 1

Calories in, calories out is not the full story.

Your body protects you as you age, and your muscle mass declines by helping you store calories.

Your body will protect you when you

  • do not have enough water
  • when you have an inflammatory response, and
  • when your immune system is subpar.

How lucky are we!

Knowing how our body works gives us a clearer picture of how to set it up to use body fat as fuel, reducing excess storage.

THe simple self care lifestyle


To lose body fat, your body will USE body fat more efficiently with the following criteria:

1- meals are timed so circulating insulin has time to lower

2- a strong relaxation loop that comes from removing chronic stress on the body (use the HPA Axis)

3- workouts that improve muscle strength

4- when you are hydrated

5- eat foods/unprocessed that we know our bio-individual body can digest well

6- when we have the right probiotics (I’ll cover probiotics in the future)

You do have an influence when it comes to improving your metabolic rate.

The Key is to work WITH your body.

🔗 How Our Body Loses Body Fat (Part 1)

🔗 Post: Fatty Liver Causes and Fix

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The Simple Self Care Lifestyle

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