Self Care Gifts For Everyone!- Including the Health Conscious on Your List

woman holding gift in both hands. Gift has brown wrapping and red ribbon


A Dozen Gift Ideas for the Health Conscious on Your List!

Small stocking stuffers to bigger gifts each of these are sure to please!

For your friends, coworkers, and family members, young to old…these simple self-care gifts are for everyone!


To set the mood while perusing the gifts, a Holiday Music video to play in the background. The HPA track includes sounds that promote relaxation.


First, the Foot Rubz Ball.

You cannot go wrong with this massage ball! It is a wonderful SIMPLE Self Care gift for EVERYONE!

I cannot count how many Foot Rubz I have gifted over the decades and bought for myself 😂.

I’ve used this ball for at least 15 years. Maybe 20.

All my class participants have received them from me. Especially my Prenatal & Postnatal moms.

Clients, practitioners, friends, family, E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E!

Why? Because this ball works!


foot on ball rolling on floor beneath foot with text: 1 Minute Foot Massage Big Benefits A reflexology illsutration

The post: Foot Massage Reflexology Benefits Your Entire Body! shares research and downloadable Pdf.


You can print the reflexology chart to give along with the Rubz massage ball!


Reflexology Charts Indicating Where Foot Massage Benefit the different organs

Unlike most spiky massage balls that can hurt tender spots, Rubz is just right.

The Rubz ball design creates a massage that goes to precisely the right depth.

Easy to Use

SIMPLE Self Care in just 30 sec looks like this:


Place the Rubz ball on the floor and roll. Ahhhhhhhh! (You might want to grab one for yourself 😉)

It is genuinely that SIMPLE. You cannot go wrong gifting the Rubz ball 👍🏻

Rubz a SIMPLE Self Care Gift. Give it to your teachers, nurses, anyone on their feet all day! They will love it.

Green Foot Massage Ball in Package

Staying with the concept of balls, let’s talk Dryer Balls!

What a segue 😂 .

This next gift of Wool Dryer Balls is a gift I initially received from a couple people in the same year.

I loved them so much that I then gifted them to many others.

Why? Well, of course, it is because they work!


Todays Simple Self Care Tip

The SIMPLE Self Care gift of dryer balls offers so much good!

Switching from dryer sheets to dryer balls helps the person receiving the gift to reduce a HUGE amount of toxins in their homes.

Dryer sheets send toxins throughout our homes!

If they live with others and/or have animals it reduces their exposure too!

You are gifting a Self Care gift that keeps on giving- reducing toxins all year long. AND there is more:

  • Clothes dry more efficiently. (Saving Electricity)
  • Towels are noticeably softer. (Yet still absorbent)

The post that lays out how the Wool Dryer Balls can benefit the body exponentially:

Non-toxic laundy detergent. Clean clothing on line to dry

I use these Dryer Balls


I pair my Wool Balls with the next gift making a fantastic duo.


Essential oils add yet another layer of Simple Self Care.






Gifting essential oils with the wool dryer balls layers on additional self care benefits for your recipient!

One of those benefits is ‘ANCHORING.’

Anchoring is where a person experiences a positive connection to the scent and then consciously:


  • Uses that favorite scent (essential oil) on purpose.
  • Done repeatedly, while doing something the person desires to make a habit helps connect that habit with pleasure.

A simple strategy that helps the brain develop motivation/drive to keep doing it.

An example of this is in the 90 Days 5 SIMPLE exercises. (I think we add it in week 2)


The point is Essential Oils happen to be a lovely gift. A gift that can elicit powerful, positive feelings.


Plus it is SIMPLE: Spritzing a few drops is all the effort it takes.

Organic Essential Oils OFFER a ton of non-toxic SIMPLE Self Care. A wonderful gift.

Post: HOW SCENT works as a powerful self care tool.


Scent a Powerful Passive Tool Woman calmed as she uses sense of smell

There are many excellent quality organic essential oils these days.

My favorites remain Rosemary #1, then Lemon and Lavender. My husband’s favorite is Peppermint.

We go through them quickly, so I typically head to this page and do a quick search for the organic product with the best price when I’m ready to purchase.

Essential Oils LINK


2 clear bottles of essential oil and diffuser
Todays Simple Self Care Tip

Each gift I’m sharing with you reminds me of the next!

Here is another FANTASTIC ‘Safe SCENT’ gift: Candles that are 100% Non-toxic.

Using scented candles is positive for wellness and health as long as they are Non-toxic.

The non-toxic part is trickier than we think. Here’s a post sharing the details & links 😁.


100% Non-Toxic Candles post lays out how opting for the non-toxic version is much healthier for our bodies, family, and our home environment.

The tricky part is deciphering the candles labeled ‘safe’ – ‘healthy.’

They, too, can be problematic for us, especially those with sensitive respiratory tracts, children, and the immune-compromised.

The wonderful news is there are safe options. And those safe options make fabulous gifts.

I order from a few places frequently.

There are 4 links in this Candle Blog Post.

For Amazon shoppers here is the page I order from as well.

100% Non Toxic Beeswax Candles

Todays Simple Self Care Tip

Beeswax candles remind me of Beeswax wraps: The alternative to toxic plastic wrap.


They come in:

  • A variety of sizes
  • Rolls to cut to size.
  • Have multiple uses (think plastic wrap)
  • Can be hand-washed, reused, and
  • Are biodegradable.


Another great gift for the health-conscious person on your list!

No more chemicals seeping into foods!

I have tried many different brands. Currently, I’m using this one.

bees wax wraps


Over the past few years more and more bees wax options are available and plenty are fun and decorative too!


I pair my bees wax wraps with one of 2 containers, especially in the car and when I travel. They both make great gifts.

They are light, seal- so there is no dripping, and they wash and are ready for reuse.

They are:


Stashers and Stainless containers for everyday storage use:

  • At Home for leftovers
  • The Car
  • Meals away from home
  • Travel…

Another SIMPLE Self Care Gift that’ll help your recipient reduce their toxic plastic exposure of saran wrap, plastic sandwich bags,…

Protecting themselves, their families while at the same time ultra convenient to use all year long!

They come in festive colors, can be filled with yummy holiday treats.

They make a great gift!

I receive rave reviews from those I have gifted these to. 👍🏻



Todays Simple Self Care Tip

While I’m thinking of great storage these Vitamin containers are the BEST!


Vitamin Organizer

The vitamon organizer for the health conscious gift



I gave dozens of these as gifts for the holidays last year!

Everyone loved them. (Thanks Kate!). You can pick one of the 7 units up and take it with you.

Pop it in your bag.

AND THIS IS HUGE: Filling them is a breeze!

The lid system they have is fantastic!

Your recipient will be in love with this one!

Speaking of LOVING something.

The Ear Pillow in the post: Ear Pain From Side Sleeping Gone! continues to be a BIG Hit with subscribers!

Woman holding hand over ear as she exeperinces ear pain

From all the feedback I continue to get I believe it will make a great gift.

The ORIGINAL Pillow With a Hole In It give you the ability to:

  • Adjust the height.
  • Eliminate pressure on sensitive ears
  • Use a bluetooth speaker tucked in the hole.
  • And much more! 🔗Post

Subscribers have written me to say that it did help with ear pain AND:

  • their neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • tingling arms

and as a result sleep has improved!

They just cannot believe how such a simple swap could make such a difference!


Link to The Original Pillow With A Hole in It


Simple Self Care Gift Everyone will LOVE!

I had a bean pillow. It enabled me to listen to my HPA Axis music each night without ear phones.

I was lucky for a long time. Then in May it quit.

This is what led me to The Original Pillow With A Hole In It. I needed to figure out how to listen to my HPA Axis music without earphones pressing into my ears.

In the No More Ear Pain Post I share that my husband has sensitive ears the pillow with a hole in it works great for him.

While making the bed I thought huh, I could place a speaker strip in here!

I did. It works beautifully!

After a lot of trails this is the soft strip speaker I landed on.

Wrapping up (🎁 wrapping up 😂) our dozen Self Care Gifts these last 2.

Self Care Gift Idea Number 11: Non-Toxic Tea

This Link brings you to a section of non-toxic tea cups, infusers, lids…

I’ve gifted a variety of sizes, and items which were all well received.

They are non-toxic, double walled, retain heat nicely. LINK to a variety of their products.

The one I like the most and gift the most often is this set:

It is the double-walled cup, glass infuser, and glass lid. All non-toxic. No more need for steeping tea bags.

This gift will help reduce the BILLIONS of plastic particles consumed by your family or friend in each cup of tea.

Like all of the above, a gift that cares for your recipient all year long.

Last but not least another subscriber favorite: The Geo Press.

I was so pleasantly surprised how many of you tried out the GeoPress!

Again another subscriber favorite. You can read all about how great it is here.

The GeoPress is one of my favorite Self Care ESSENTIALS. Travel, even around here is always more pleasurable with the GeoPress at the ready.

A GREAT gift for those you care about that live in Hurricane areas, that travel a lot or drink a bunch from plastic bottles.


My hope is that you enjoyed perusing the Dozen Gift Ideas for the Health Conscious on Your List! And that you were able to find a thing or two for those you care about.



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